Policy announcement: April 5, 2023

New policies

  • To give users more control over their data, we're introducing a new account deletion requirement under our User Data policy. If your app allows users to create an account, then it must also allow users to request for their account to be deleted in the app and through a web resource. All developers must also update their Data safety form in Play Console, where some information may be displayed on your app’s Data safety section on Google Play. Learn more in our Help Center and blog.
  • We’re adding new guidelines to our Device and Network Abuse policy:
    • For apps targeting Android 14 and above, a new set of policy restrictions will apply to the usage of foreground services (FGS). Apps can only declare foreground services (FGS) for appropriate use cases. Developers must also specify a valid foreground service type for each foreground service (FGS) used in your app, and declare the foreground service permission that is appropriate for that type. Learn more
    • We’re introducing a new JobScheduler API and requirements that makes user-initiated data transfers easier and more transparent. Learn more

Policy updates

  • We're updating our Families policy on app functionality to allow you to leverage your web-based content in apps. 
  • We’re introducing additional requirements for personal loan apps targeting users in Pakistan. Personal loan apps in Pakistan must submit country-specific licensing documentation to prove their ability to provide or facilitate personal loans.
  • We’re updating our Personal Loans policy to state that apps with the primary functionality of providing or facilitating personal loans may not access user contacts or photos.
  • We’re updating our User Ratings, Reviews, and Installs policy to state that we don’t allow apps to incentivize users to install other apps as the app’s main functionality or to incentivize users to rate or review apps.

Additionally, we’ve added clarifications to some of our existing policies. Because this policy isn’t new or updated, our enforcement standards and practices for this policy remain the same. 

  • We’re collecting and centralizing some of our existing SDK requirements to make it easier for you to find this information. We’re adding more examples of common SDK-caused violations to help you decide which SDKs are safe to integrate into your apps. Learn more in our Help Center and Play Academy’s SDK Best Practices training.
  • We’re clarifying our Sexual Content and Profanity policy to state that we don't allow apps or app content that contain or promote non-consensual sexual content, predatory behavior, or solicitation of sexual acts in exchange for compensation.

Additional announcements

  • To help make Target API level deadlines clearer for new apps and app updates, we are unifying the dates to August 31st every year. You will be able to request an extension to November 1, 2023 if you need more time to update your app to target API level 31 or above. Learn more
  • We previously announced that apps requiring VpnService need to submit a declaration form by January 2023. We’re giving you more time to prepare your apps to comply with all VPN policy requirements. You will now have until August 31, 2023 to comply with our VPN Service policy. Learn more
  • We’ve extended the package visibility permission compliance grace period for qualifying real money gambling apps to May 1, 2024. Learn more
  • As a reminder, if your app is in the Families Program, starting May 31, 2023, you may only use self-certified versions of SDKs in the Families Self-Certified Ads SDK program when serving ads to children or users of unknown age. You can view recent updates, including the addition of the Fyber SDK, to the self-certified SDK list here.
  • As a reminder, we updated our Payments policy earlier this year in response to regulatory developments in India. This change means that you can offer an alternative billing system alongside Google Play’s billing system to users in India making in-app purchases within Play-distributed apps on mobile phones and tablets. You have until April 26, 2023 to comply with this updated policy. Learn more

We encourage you to review these policy updates carefully in case any of your apps are impacted. To learn more about how to comply with these changes:

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