Online Crane Games

A crane game (also known as a claw machine game), usually found in arcades, features a mechanical claw that a player maneuvers to capture a prize. In an online crane game (OCG), the player maneuvers the claw from an app (the app facilitates remote/online control over gameplay taking place in an actual claw machine game located in an offline gaming arcade).

Following the completion of a pilot program for OCG apps in Japan, Google Play is enabling online crane games globally, subject to applicable laws, in a way that promotes a safe and enjoyable experience for users. This article provides an overview of the declaration process developers must follow to list their OCG app on Google Play.

For developers

To list your OCG app on Google Play, follow these steps:

  1. Review and accept the Terms and Conditions in this declaration form.
  2. Complete and submit this declaration form.
  3. Follow the guidance below depending on whether or not you're already available on Google Play:
    • Existing app: If your OCG app is currently distributed on Google Play at the time of declaration, you must update the settings of your OCG app on Play Console if necessary to comply with the Terms and Conditions.
    • New app: If your OCG app is not currently distributed on Google Play at the time of declaration, you may be able to publish your OCG app only upon confirmation that your declaration was accepted.
  4. Maintain a Google Play developer account in good standing and comply with all Google Play Developer Program Policies as applicable.

Google will review your declaration form and the standing of your developer account upon your submission. We will notify you of the result within five business days.

If your app is found in breach of the declaration requirements mentioned above, note that Google may take enforcement action against your app, including but not limited to suspension of the app from Google Play and/or termination of your developer account.

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