Google Play Declaration Form for Online Crane Game apps

Effective July 12, 2023,  Google Play will require a developer declaration to enable distribution of Online Crane Game (OCG) apps globally, subject to applicable law. Apps that successfully complete the declaration will be eligible to distribute their OCG apps on Google Play. If you operate an OCG app and are interested in listing on Google Play, please have an authorized individual complete and submit the following declaration form. The Google Play team will use this information to assess and list OCG apps on Google Play. 


  1. Complete and submit the following form 
  2. Accept the declaration form terms and conditions noted below
  3. Maintain a Play Developer Account in good standing

Google will review your declaration form to assess your eligibility to list on Google Play and will notify you of the result within five business days after you submit all necessary information to Google.

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Terms and Conditions*

  1. Eligibility. Your eligibility to list on the store is subject at all times to your acceptance of and compliance with the Google Play Developer Policies, the Google Play Developer Distribution Agreement (“DDA”), which is incorporated by reference, and these Terms and Conditions. 
  1. Definitions. Any undefined term used in the declaration form shall have the same meaning as that set out in the DDA.
    1. "OCG” or “Online Crane Games” are an app-based gaming entertainment service whereby an app provides users digital access from a smartphone or PC to remotely operate a physical crane game machine set up by the game operator in a physical space. 


  1. OCG App Distribution.   
    1. Existing app.  If your OCG app is already distributed on Google Play at the time of your declaration form submission, you must update the settings of your OCG app on Play Console if necessary  to comply with the declaration form Terms and Conditions.
    2. New to Google Play app.  If your OCG app is not currently distributed on Google Play at the time of declaration form submission, you may be able to publish your OCG app only upon confirmation that your declaration form submission was accepted. 


  1. Rejection; Removal.  
    1. You understand and acknowledge that if your declaration form is missing or incomplete, your OCG app cannot be distributed through Google Play, and, if your app is already being distributed on Google Play, your app will be removed from Google Play. You understand and acknowledge that Google may remove your OCG app from Google Play if you breach any provision of the declaration form Terms and Conditions, the DDA, the Developer Program Policies, or any other applicable agreement relating to Google Play. 


  1.  Declaration Form Terms and Conditions
    By signing this declaration form, you represent, warrant and undertake that:
    1. You will designate your OCG app as a ‘Game’ on Play Console for appropriate categorization, see here for further details; 
    2. Your app implements and maintains effective user age verification mechanisms;
    3. Your app implements effective age-appropriate in-app spending limits, including in-app warnings and messages when those limits are exceeded;
    4. Your app accepts payment for entertainment purposes only (e.g. gameplay) and not as a wager, stake, or consideration to win a prize of real monetary value;
    5. Prizes obtainable through your app’s gameplay: 
      1. Will not exceed legally permissible value of prizes for OCGs under applicable law of the locality in which your app is distributed, including, where applicable, limits for crane games installed in game arcades.  Prize value shall not exceed generally accepted limits for crane games per local market practice.
      2. Will not be available for resale (e.g. your OCG app must not buy prizes from users or enable users to sell and/or 3rd parties to buy prizes won in-game);
    6. You must provide users with effective redress mechanisms and customer support with respect to inquiries and complaints about your OCG app and ensure you comply with Section 4.7 of the Developer Distribution Agreement;
    7. Your app ensures: 
      1. Gameplay fairness:  No disadvantageous modification for users shall be made to alter users’ ability to win prizes during game play. 
      2. Transparency in advertising, including but not limited to prohibitions of inaccurate or misleading statements regarding gameplay or users’ ability to win prizes;   
    8. Your app complies with all other Google Play policies, including the Payments policy. 
    9. You will immediately inform Google in writing if any of the following occurs:
      1. Any information provided by you to Google in this form changes or is no longer accurate;
      2. Any legal actions or regulatory investigation are commenced against you regarding your OCG app;
      3. You are subject to a ruling by any legal or regulatory authority, or any relevant industry body, regarding your OCG app;
    10. All information you provide to Google will be current, true, accurate, supportable and complete.


  1. Suspending or Terminating Your App. Google may suspend or terminate your listing on Play if:  
    1. You breach any provision of the declaration form Terms and Conditions, the DDA, the Developer Program Policies, or any other applicable agreement relating to Google Play;
    2. Google is required to do so by law;
    3. You cease being an authorized developer, a developer in good standing, or are barred from using Android software;
    4. You are subject to legal action or regulatory investigation regarding your OCG app;
    5. You or your OCG app pose a potential risk of economic, reputational, or security-related harm to Google, users, or other third-party partners.


Google reserves the right to remove any OCG App from Google Play at any time in accordance with its rights set out in the DDA, or if it otherwise decides to no longer permit OCG Apps on Google Play (globally or in any particular country or territory).

If you are submitting the declaration form and agreeing to be bound by the Terms and Conditions on behalf of your employer or other entity, you represent and warrant that you have full legal authority to bind your employer or such entity to the form Terms and Conditions.  If you do not have the requisite authority, you may not submit the declaration form and accept these Terms and Conditions on behalf of your employer or such entity. *$0
Some account and system information will be sent to Google, and support calls and chats may be recorded. We will use this information to improve support quality and training, to help address technical issues, and to improve our products and services, subject to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Translation services may be used in chats and email.
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