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Understand and manage your watch’s location settings

Use location-based services, such as Find My Device, weather or turn-by-turn directions based on your watch’s location, when you turn location on in settings.

Watch the Set up Pixel watch video to confirm that all steps were fully completed. 

Understand when your watch may use your phone’s location

When your phone and wearable device location settings are enabled, and your phone is in Bluetooth range of your wearable device, your watch will primarily use your phone’s location services except when an app on your watch explicitly requests to use on-device location services. 


Turn location on or off for your watch

  1. On your watch home screen, swipe down.
    • On some versions of Fitbit Ace LTE, long press the top button.
  2. Tap Settings  > Location.
  3. From here you can turn Use location on and off, find app location permissions, and change settings for Google location accuracy. 

For turning location on or off for your phone go to Manage your Pixel phone’s location settings

When Location is on

If you have Location History turned on, your precise device location is regularly saved to your devices and Google’s servers, even when Google apps aren’t being used. You can always review your Location History, or change how long you keep it, by visiting or your Timeline. Learn about Location History.

When Location is off

For some wearable LTE devices, emergency location services or your mobile carrier can still automatically send your watch’s location to emergency responders when you call or text an emergency number. Learn about emergency location services.

Help your watch get a more accurate location

Turn your watch’s location accuracy on or off

  1. On your watch home screen, swipe down.
    • On some versions of Fitbit Ace LTE, long press the top button.
  2. Tap Settings > Location And then Google Location Accuracy.

Turn Improve Location Accuracy on or off.

When Google Location Accuracy is on

When you have Google Location Accuracy turned on, your watch uses these sources to get the most accurate location:

  • GPS
  • Wi-Fi
  • Mobile networks
  • Sensors (such as accelerometer)

Google may collect location data periodically and use this data in an anonymous way to improve location accuracy and location-based services.

When Google Location Accuracy is off

When you turn off Google Location Accuracy, your watch uses GPS and sensors, like accelerometer, to determine location. GPS can be slower and less accurate than other sources.

When Google Location Accuracy is off, GPS, Wi-Fi, network, and sensor data are not used or collected by Google Location Accuracy.

For Android 12 and higher, you can manage each app’s permission to access precise location. This is different from Google Location Accuracy, which is a location setting for your device that allows your watch to use more sources for the most accurate location.  Even with Google Location Accuracy on, you can grant an app only approximate location permission if you don't want to allow it access to your device’s precise location.  If you turn off Google Location Accuracy, apps may not be able to get your device’s precise location. Learn how to manage app location permissions.

Send your location in an emergency

Google Pixel watch can connect you to emergency services if you need help. If you've unlocked your watch at least once since startup, you can also call an emergency contact without unlocking it. Get help in an emergency with Google Pixel watch safety features


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