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Use Gmail on your watch

From the Gmail app on your watch, you can: 

  • Check your inbox
  • Read emails
  • Archive emails
  • Delete emails
  • Star emails
  • Mark emails as read or unread
  • Reply or reply all to emails

Some Gmail features aren't supported on your watch, you cannot:

  • Compose an email
  • View images or links in the email
  • View HTML emails
  • Open and download attachments
  • Search for emails
  • Check your spam folder

Get Gmail

Learn how to get the Gmail app on your watch.

Sign in to Gmail

Important: You can only add personal accounts to Gmail on Wear OS. Work and school accounts aren't supported.

  • If you have one account on your watch, Gmail signs in automatically to that Google Account.
  • If you have more than one account on your watch, Gmail asks you to select the account that you want active.
  • To switch the active Gmail account:
    1. On your watch, open the Gmail app .
    2. Tap Menu .
    3. Tap your email address.
    4. Select the email address that you want to switch to and then Switch.

Tip: Tiles and complications use the account that's active in the Gmail app.

Check Gmail notifications on your watch

  • Gmail notifications that appear on your phone will also appear on your watch.
  • Only email notifications sent to the active Gmail account can be opened in the app.
  • Gmail notifications may be disabled on some Wear OS watches. To enable them, go to the watch's settings.
  • Learn how to fix issues with notifications on your watch.

Add Gmail complications

Important: Some of these steps may differ based on your Wear OS watch.

To find the number of new emails available on your watch face, add a complication. This number includes new emails that have arrived in your inbox after you last opened it.

  1. On your watch face, touch and hold the screen.
  2. Tap Edit edit.
  3. Swipe to the complication edit screen.
  4. Tap the complication that you want to change.

Add Gmail tiles

Important: Some of these steps may differ based on your Wear OS watch.

Your latest two emails will display in the tile. At the bottom, you can find the number of new emails available. Learn how to add tiles.

  1. On your watch face, swipe left or right to go to a tile.
  2. Touch and hold a tile.
  3. At the bottom, tap Add add.
  4. Under 'Add to carousel', select the Gmail tile.

Manage your inbox

An animation showing how to browse Gmail on your Wear OS watch

Important: Your inbox layout is based on your current Gmail settings. To change your inbox layout, update your Gmail settings.

To focus on your most important emails, filter out unimportant emails from the primary inbox.

  1. On your watch, open the Gmail app .
  2. Find an email that you want to manage.
  3. Select an option.
    • Star: At the bottom right of the email, tap the Star .
    • Archive: Swipe from right to left, then tap Archive . To undo, tap Undo.
    • Delete: Swipe from right to left, then tap Delete . To undo, tap Undo.

Tip: To find your organised emails, at the top left of your inbox, tap Menu .

Check your emails

An animation showing how to check an email in Gmail on Wear OS

  1. On your watch, open the Gmail app .
  2. Tap an email.
  3. Select an option.
    • Archive : When you archive an email, you move it out of your inbox. Archived emails come back to your inbox when someone replies to them.
    • Delete : When you delete an email, you move it to the bin. Deleted emails stay in your bin for 30 days. After that time, they're permanently deleted from your account and can't be recovered.
    • Star : When you star emails in Gmail, you mark them as important. Mark emails as important to help remind you to find them later.
    • Mark as unread: If you want to remember to read an email later, you can mark it as unread.
    • Open on phone: If you want to view an email on a larger screen or perform an action that isn't supported, you can open it on your phone.
    • Reply or reply all: You can reply to the sender or everyone who has received the email with an emoji, voice dictation or text response.
      • Emoji: To open the emoji menu for your reply, tap Emoji .
      • Voice dictation: To create a voice-dictated reply, tap the Microphone .
      • Text response: To type a text response, tap the Keyboard .

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