About managed devices and accounts

If you sign into your Pixel Tablet with an account that's managed by an employer or educational institution, you'll be notified that the device is managed. After you sign in, you might need to ask your organization's administrator to turn on settings that will let you download Android apps from the Google Play Store and use Google Assistant.

Use Google Assistant with a managed device

If you use your Pixel Tablet for work or school, you might need to ask your administrator to turn on Search & Assistant services and Web & App Activity to use Google Assistant.

Keep in mind that data in your work profile is visible to your IT administrator. The administrator can also control the device and block apps from being installed on your tablet.

Note: You won't be able to use Google Assistant on your tablet if it was set up through a K-12 school or non-profit group, or if you have a school (.edu) email address. If you use a work account, your organization's administrator might need to enable features like Assistant before you can use them.

Set up a personal profile

You can also sign into your personal account on your Pixel Tablet, even if the primary user's account is managed by another person or institution. Learn more about personal profiles on devices owned by your organization.

Apps on different accounts

Android apps are linked to the account that you used to install them. This means that different apps might be installed on your personal account compared to apps that are installed on your work or school account.

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