Can't copy data to a new Pixel Tablet

If something goes wrong when you try to copy your data from your current device to your Pixel Tablet, try the following troubleshooting steps.

If the process stops or doesn't start

If you lose power or get disconnected from your network

If you lose connection to your Wi-Fi signal, your power turns off, or your cable gets disconnected while the data copies, perform a factory reset of your tablet and start again immediately.

If the process doesn't start or you get an error message

Check the basics:

  • Check that both devices are unlocked, charged, and turned on.
  • Turn off Battery Saver on your current device.
  • Restart your current device.

Check your cable:

  • Unplug and replug both ends of the cable into both devices.
  • If you use a cable adapter, make sure the adapter side is plugged into the tablet.
  • Try a different cable. Not all power cables can copy data.

If you can't copy data over your Wi-Fi network

Some devices can't copy data over Wi-Fi. For example, copying data won't work from:

  • An iPhone with iOS 7 or earlier
  • A phone with Android 4 or earlier

If you skip data copy during setup

If you skip the data copy process when you set up your tablet, you can return to or restart the data copy process:

  • Within a few minutes of setup: You'll get a notification on your Pixel Tablet that setup isn't done. Tap the notification.
  • For a few days after you set up your Pixel Tablet: On your tablet, open your device's Settings app Settings app and then and follow the on-screen instructions to finish setup.
  • After you've had your tablet a while: Perform a factory reset of your Pixel Tablet. Note that this will erase all of the data on your tablet.

Problems with copying from an iPhone or iPad

Check if your iPhone or iPad is supervised by an organization

Check if you have a supervised device:

If a business, school, or other organization supervises your iPhone or iPad, your data won't copy. To check whether your device is supervised:

  1. Open Settings and then General and then About.
  2. Under the name of your iPhone, for example, check for: "This iPhone is Supervised."

Check if you have a managed device:

If a business, school, or other organization manages your iPhone or iPad, the data that copies might be limited. To check whether your device is managed:

  1. Open Settings and then General and then Profiles & Device Management.
  2. Under the device name, look for policy profiles from your organization.

To increase what you can copy, remove these profiles. Note that this might affect your access to your organization's information.

Check if your iPhone or iPad has photos in the HEIF format (iOS 11 & up)

To copy HEIF photos to your Pixel Tablet, save them to Google Photos from your iPhone or iPad. Learn how to back up to Google Photos.

Tip: To access your photos and videos on your Pixel Tablet, open the Google Photos app Photos.

Copy data from your iCloud account

  1. Make sure all of your contacts are in iCloud.
  2. Export your contacts from as a vCard file.
  3. Import your contacts to Gmail. Learn how to add, move, or import contacts.
  4. After you copy your contacts, you'll see them in your communication apps on your Pixel Tablet.
  5. If you want to copy your iCloud photos to Google Photos, request an iCloud transfer.
If your iPhone doesn't have Google Photos, HEIF photos convert to JPG photos on Pixel Tablet during setup.

What won't copy during setup

From an Android device

  • Accounts other than Google Accounts and their data
  • Downloads, like PDF files
  • Photos, videos, and music stored in hidden folders
  • Apps not from the Google Play Store
  • Data from apps that don't use Android backup
  • Cloud-synced contacts and calendars. To get synced data, log into your accounts from your Pixel device's Settings.

From an iPhone or iPad

  • App data
  • Paid apps
  • No charge apps not matched on the Play Store
  • In-app purchases
  • Photos where an original isn't stored on your iPhone or iPad
    • Tip: When you enable Optimize Storage on your iPhone, the original photos are stored on iCloud, not on your iPhone. Lower resolution versions of your photos won't copy, even if they're stored on your iPhone.
  • Photos, videos, documents, and other files stored in iCloud.
  • Phone settings, like Wi-Fi passwords
  • Music with iTunes Digital Rights Management protection
  • Accounts
  • Cloud-synced contacts and calendars from services other than iCloud. To get data synced with other services, log into your accounts from your Pixel Tablet's Settings app Settings app.
  • Bookmarks from Safari
  • Some third-party chat app data

Other problems when you copy data

When you copy from an Android device

If you don't have a cable:

  1. On your Pixel Tablet:
    1. Start tablet setup.
    2. Connect to a Wi-Fi network.
  2. When prompted to use your old device to copy data, tap Can't use old phone.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to access your backup.

If you can't use your old device:

  1. Check that you have a backup of your current Android phone. Learn how to manage backups.
  2. Begin setup on your Pixel Tablet.
  3. When asked to use your old device, tap Can't use old phone.
  4. Under "Copy another way", tap OK and then A backup from the cloud.
  5. Connect to a Wi-Fi network.
  6. Sign in to the Google Account that has the backup of your data.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions to access your backup.

How to copy Google Account data from your old device


If you already have contacts on your old device with your Google Account, like in Gmail, they'll automatically show up on your Pixel Tablet after you sign in. To access your contacts, open the Contacts app .

Photos, videos, files, and folders:

Upload content from your current phone or computer to your Google Account. Content in your Google Account shows on your Pixel Tablet. Learn how to upload to Google Drive and back up to Google Photos.

If you still can't copy your data

If you still can't copy your data to your Pixel Tablet, contact us.

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