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Manage your accounts linked with Plaid (US only)

Important: This article is specific to users who previously set up a Google Pay balance to make contactless, in-app, or online payments where Google Pay is accepted. At this time, it is not possible to set up a new Google Pay balance card.

What is Plaid?
Google Pay works with Plaid, a third-party service, to obtain transaction and balance info, so you can track your spending and account balances with Google Pay. To provide this service and to help create a secure connection to your financial institution, Plaid collects and uses your financial institution login info and accesses your account.
What data do Google and Plaid use?

Plaid connects to your bank using secure credentials to retrieve your account info. 

Both Plaid and Google store this information while your account is linked:
  • Credit or Bank account number
  • Bank routing number, if applicable
  • Account transaction history
  • Account balance
  • Basic identity information
    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone number
    • Email address

Plaid and Google will store this information while your bank account is linked to Google Pay. To delete your information from Google Pay, you can unlink your bank account at any time. Plaid’s Privacy Policy details how Plaid handles your data.

How do I remove my account?

Remove your account on the Google Wallet website

  1. Go to the Google Wallet website.
  2. Click Settings and then Accounts linked with Plaid.
  3. Select your account.
  4. Click Remove and then Yes, remove.
When is my data deleted?
When you remove an account, Google deletes the transaction history associated with that account, except for money transfers between you and other people using Google Pay. If you have accounts linked through Plaid with a non-Google service, Plaid may continue to store your data. For more information, please read the Plaid’s Privacy Policy.

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