Learn about your Google One 2 TB + Unlimited Photos plan

The Google One 2 TB + Unlimited Photos plan is only offered through specific third party companies. It’s currently not available for purchase directly from Google.

How it works

The 2 TB + Unlimited Photos plan allows you to back up an unlimited number of photos and videos to Google Photos, regardless of their backup quality. You also receive 2 TB of storage for Gmail, Google Drive, and device backup.

The Unlimited Photos benefit is just for you (the plan manager), while the 2 TB of storage can be shared with up to 5 additional people.

Determine what counts toward your storage limit
All photos and videos backed up to Google Photos won’t count toward your storage limit while this plan is active. If you upload photos and videos to Google Drive, they will count toward your storage limit.
Unlimited Photos benefit can't be shared with family members
The Unlimited Photos benefit isn't shared with your family group. If you share storage with your family group, anything they store in Google Photos will count toward your shared 2 TB limit.

Back up photos & videos

With the Unlimited Photos benefit, you can back up an unlimited number of photos or videos to Google Photos in Original or Storage saver quality. You may be limited to backing up 100 GB to Google Photos every 30 days. Learn how to backup photos and videos.

Switch to a different plan

If you change or cancel your plan, you will lose access to the Unlimited Photos benefit. Any photos and videos that did not count toward your storage because you had this benefit will now count toward your storage.

If you exceed your storage limit as a result of changing or canceling your plan, you may experience interruptions to Gmail, Drive, Google Photos, and other Google services. Learn more about what happens when you exceed your storage limit. To clean up account storage, you can use the Google One storage manager.

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