How Google News stories are selected


  • Some features are available if you're signed in to your Google Account.
  • If you share a paid story, others may not access it until they pay for it.

Computer algorithms determine what shows up in Google News. The algorithms determine which stories, images, and videos show, and in what order. In some cases, people like publishers and Google News teams choose stories. 

Google News shows some content in a personalized way. Personalization helps Google News quickly and easily show you stories that interest you.

Chosen by computers

Based on your language and region, algorithms pick subjects for these sections:

  • Full Coverage Full coverage
  • Sources in Newsstand
  • Search results
  • Your topics
  • Local news
  • Notifications about top news stories
  • Headline news stories, which show up as:
    • In your app: Headlines Headlines or "Headlines" stories in your briefing.
    • On Google News on desktop: “Top Stories” stories in your briefing.
    • On Google News on mobile: “Headlines” stories in Top stories Headlines.

In these sections, people who use the same language and region get news for the same subjects.

Personalized news

Algorithms personalize your news based on your:

  • Google News settings: Your interests and sources.
  • Past activity on Google: Your activity on Google Search and YouTube.

Algorithms personalize your news for these sections:

  • For you For you
  • Topics, sources, and locations in Following Following
  • “Picks for you” stories in your briefing
  • Your topics
  • Local news
  • Notifications

In these sections, people get stories that cover different subjects. Learn how to change settings and find past activity.

News Showcase

Important: This feature is available in some languages and countries.

When you read stories on Google News, you might find content from News Showcase publishers. Stories in a Showcase panel are curated by publishers to give you a deeper understanding and more context. You can find these stories in the For you For you section. These stories may come from publishers you don't follow. Learn more about the News Showcase feature.

  • To follow suggested publishers: Click or tap Follow Following
  • To unfollow publishers: Click or tap Follow Following. You can also go to the Following Following tab and click or tap Manage.
Tip: Publishers can select the stories inside their publications.
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