Subscribe & download content with Google

You can subscribe to online content from select newspapers directly from a browser on your mobile device or computer.

Start a subscription with Google

If you’re reading content that requires a subscription, select Subscribe with your Google Account or Subscribe with Google to start one. You could be asked to choose a subscription offer and confirm your payment method and billing address.

Add an existing subscription to your Google Account

If you already have a subscription but are asked to subscribe on a Google product like Google News, Newsstand, or Search, select Already a subscriber?. Then, sign in with the email address you used to buy it. You could see the option to add your subscription to your Google Account, which lets you see your subscription content anywhere you’re signed into your Google Account.

You can also add digital versions of your print subscriptions to Google Play or the Google News and Newsstand apps.Learn about digital subscriptions for print subscribers.

Learn how to see all your linked subscriptions in My Account. Subscriptions can include Google products, outside services, and those in the Play Store.

If you don’t want a subscription to show up in your Google Account, go to Subscriptions and select Unlink.

Your subscription won't be canceled or changed. But you'll no longer see personalization based on your subscription in Google products.

Download stories and issues to read when you’re offline

If you bought magazines in the past, you can download them to read offline.

  1. Open your Google News app Google News app.
  2. At the top right, tap your photo.
  3. Tap Settings Settings.
  4. Under “Downloading,” turn on the kinds of downloading you want:
    • Download via Wi-Fi only
    • Download while charging only
    • Options for auto-downloaded issues
      • Download print and lite or Download lite only
      • Store all issues or Store only latest issue

Remove downloads

To remove your downloads from your Android device’s storage, tap Clear all downloads. Your stories and issues will still be available in Google News.

Subscriptions in search results

You may see content from your linked subscriptions in your Google search results. You can turn this off in Search Settings.

Get help with a subscription

To get more help with a paid subscription or other Google News purchases, you can contact us.

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