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FAQs on camera states and controls: Google Nest Hub Max

Your Nest Hub Max is equipped with a camera that enables experiences such as video calling with Duo, home monitoring with the built-in Nest Cam and more.

Note: While Google Duo and Google Meet have combined into a new Meet app on mobile devices, tablets, and computers, Google Nest displays will continue to show the Google Duo icon Duo app.

Camera States

There are three camera states on Nest Hub Max:

  1. Streaming: Your Nest Hub Max is streaming video when you are on a video call, recording a video message or using the built-in Nest Cam. You’ll always see a green LED indicator light when the camera is in this state.  
  2. Sensing: In this state, the camera is capturing frames, analyzing them and throwing them away to determine if there’s anything useful that the device can do. You decide when you set up the device whether you want camera sensing features like Face Match and Quick Gestures to be enabled.
  3. Off: The camera can be turned off via two methods: the first is a software control that can be accessed via the quick settings tray on the device, and the second is via the physical mic and camera switch on the back of the device. When the hardware switch is toggled off, you’ll see an orange indicator light next to the camera. 

Turning the Camera and Microphone off on your Nest Hub Max 

Users can turn the camera off, or disable both the camera and microphone directly on their Nest Hub Max. When this is done, other members of your household will not be able to remotely turn on the camera or microphone. 

  • To turn off the camera, on the Nest Hub Max device, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and tap Camera camera icon.
  • To disable both the camera and microphone, toggle the switch on the device to the off position.

Note: While the microphone is disabled, you won’t be able to use voice commands. While the camera is disabled, you won’t be able to use the built-in Nest Cam or any camera sensing features, including Quick Gestures and Face Match.


Nest Hub Max LED States

Solid Green Solid green light

Built-in Nest Cam is turned on.


You are in a video call or recording a message.

Blinking Green Blinking green light A member of your household is currently viewing
Nest Cam's live view.
Orange Orange LED Both the camera and microphone have been disabled
by the switch on the back of the device.
No LED LED off

The built-in Nest Cam has been turned off from the app
and is not currently monitoring. Other features such as Quick
Gestures and Face Match still work if camera sensing is enabled.


The camera has been completely disabled from the settings tray
on the Nest Hub Max. In this case, all camera features such as 
Face Match and the built-in Nest Cam are also disabled. You'll
see a crossed out camera iconCamera off icon on your Hub Max home screen 
if the camera has been disabled. 



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