Nest Hello is offline

  1. If anything else in your home is offline, check your router or internet service for issues.
  2. If it’s extremely hot or cold, your camera may turn off Wi-Fi to help protect itself.
  3. Try restarting Hello:
    1. To restart your doorbell, disconnect it from the backplate with the tool that was included in the box. You       can also use a thumbtack or paper clip.
    2. Leave Hello connected to the wires.
    3. Insert the release tool, thumbtack or paper clip into the hole near the top of Hello.
    4. Hold down until the light on Hello turns off (about 10 seconds) then release.
      Note: Make sure you do not hold down the doorbell button on the front of Hello or it will be reset to factory defaults.
      Nest Hello will restart and try to reconnect to Wi-Fi if it was previously on a Wi-Fi network.

Please see the following article for further help with Wi-Fi connection issues.

​​Troubleshooting when a Nest camera disconnects or is offline in the Nest app >

You can also try resetting Hello to factory defaults. If you do, you’ll have to reconnect it to the app. Please see the following article for detailed instructions.

How to restart or reset your Nest camera >

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