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Don’t share your account email and password

To access your Google Nest devices, you'll need to sign in with your Google or Nest credentials.

Certified Google partners might ask you to access their service using the partner's login or Google Account credentials.

Sharing your account email and password with unauthorized websites or apps can compromise the security of your home and personal information and no Hey Google partner will ever need your Google password. Be careful of websites or apps that might try to steal your account email and password by posing as a "Works with Google Assistant" or "Works with Google Home (formerly Works with Hey Google)" partner.

Google Partner Security

Some companies are partnered with Google to integrate with Nest products through Google Assistant with the Smart Home API and Device Access Program/API. The Device Access Program is built on a foundation of privacy and security and gives our users the confidence that our partners offering integrated Nest solutions have the right data protections and safeguards in place that meet our privacy and security standards.

Companies that don't have certified Works with Google Home integrations, such as Starling, might also ask you to use your Google Account information to sign in to their service. When you enable an integration with a company that's not part of the Works with Google Home program, the safeguards we'd otherwise have in place can't be used, and there's a risk of exposing sensitive data to inadequate data protection, privacy, and security standards. You might even expose yourself and others to additional safety risks by using functionality in ways it wasn't intended. There might also be additional consequences to unapproved integrations, based on violations of Google's Terms of Service, such as a limitation in support or warranty coverage for Google products.

What to do if you start experiencing issues after sharing your account information

If you've already shared your email address and password with an unauthorized integration, you might experience one or more of the following:

  • Uninvited people, websites, or apps could access your home and take control of your Nest products.
  • Your products might behave erratically.
  • The Nest or Google Home app might not work as it should.
  • Nest's 2-step verification might not work properly. In addition, you might get a series of unexpected text messages on your phone when the third-party service tries to use your information to sign in.
  • You might receive unsolicited emails.

You might want to contact the third-party company and have them remove your information from their system. Google doesn't have access to the systems managed by third-party companies. You'll need to contact the third-party company directly.

In some cases, you might not be able to remove your account information from third-party systems. However, you can always change your account password.

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