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Nest Sense is at the core of what makes our products thoughtful. It’s driven by an exclusive combination of engineering and design, and supported by advanced sensors and software algorithms.

Here’s how Nest Sense makes each Nest product more thoughtful.

Nest thermostat 

To keep you comfortable and help save energy, your thermostat takes into account things like your home’s construction, the weather forecast, what temperatures you prefer, and more. Sounds simple, but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that makes the Nest thermostat a thoughtful thermostat, not just one that’s connected to Wi-Fi.

Nest Sense takes advantage of the multiple sensors and software running inside your Nest thermostat. It learns from you, what temperatures you like and when, and automatically creates a schedule for you.

Since Nest Sense is also tailored to your system, you’ll see different features depending on what kind of system you have installed.

  • Temperature sensors: Nest thermostats have multiple temperatures sensors to help ensure that your home is actually the temperature you want.
  • Light sensors: Nest thermostats use ambient light sensors to help ensure accurate temperature readings. So if your Nest thermostat is in direct sunlight, Sunblock helps compensate so it won’t think your home is warmer than it actually is.
  • Activity sensors: Two activity sensors let your thermostat know when everyone’s gone so it can turn down the heating to Eco Temperature and help save energy.
  • Radiant systems: If you have an in-floor radiant or radiator system, you’ll see True Radiant, which helps reduce temperature swings typical of these types of heating system. True Radiant lets your system start heating early so that your home will reach your scheduled temperature on time, and turns heating off early so it doesn’t go over your set temperature.

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But that’s just a sample of how Nest Sense makes your Nest thermostat thoughtful. For more details about the Nest thermostat, please see the technical specifications.

Nest Protect 

Nest Protect isn’t just an advanced smoke and carbon monoxide alarm. It does many things that other alarms don’t.

For instance, it can test itself and let you know everything’s working with Nightly Promise, and it can light your way with Pathlight so you don’t have to fumble around at night.

And because its advanced Split-Spectrum Sensor can keep a close eye on smoke levels, it’ll speak to you with a Heads-Up alert and let you know what’s happening before it needs to sound an Emergency Alarm.

It even has a humidity sensor to let Steam Check help prevent false alarms when you’ve just gotten out of the shower.

For more details about Nest Protect, please see the technical specifications

Nest Cameras and video doorbells 

Nest cameras and video doorbells use Nest Aware’s advanced algorithms to deliver better, more accurate motion and audio alerts. In addition, Person alerts can let you know when a person (not your pet) has walked in front of your camera.

These kinds of improvements require a lot of computing power, much more than your Nest camera or doorbell can deliver by itself. So we use powerful cloud servers to make Nest Aware’s state-of-the-art detection possible, and we’re constantly improving the algorithms to provide the best possible experience.

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For more details about Nest cameras and video doorbells, see the technical specifications.

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