Learn about familiar face detection and how to manage your library

If you have a Nest Aware subscription, you can teach1 a Google Nest Cam IQ, a Hello doorbell, or a Google Nest Hub Max2 how to tell the difference between faces that it sees. Over time it can recognize people you know. When your camera spots a familiar or unfamiliar face, you can get an alert from the app.

How to turn familiar face alerts on or off

Turn on both familiar face detection and people notifications.

  1. Turn on familiar face detection3.
    • On the Nest app home screen, tap Settings Nest settings icon and then Familiar faces and then Familiar face detection.
    • If you have multiple cameras with a Nest Aware subscription, select the cameras you want to get alerts from.
  2. Turn on people notifications.
    • On the Nest app home screen, tap Settings Nest settings icon and then Notifications. Then select your camera and tap People Nest Account web menu icon. .

How to teach your camera familiar faces

When your camera spots a face it doesn’t recognize, or if it’s unsure, it will assume the person is unfamiliar. Then it will send an alert asking if you know the person. 

Tap the alert on your phone to tell your camera whether you know the person.

In the beginning, you might get a lot of alerts for unfamiliar faces. But as you continue to identify people, your camera will use snapshots of each person’s face to build a better understanding of what they look like. This will help with  recognition in the future. 

If you miss an alert

You can review the faces your camera spotted.

  1. Select your camera on the app home screen.
  2. Tap People Nest Account web menu icon.  (at the bottom of the camera’s Sightline). 
  3. Follow the instructions to identify any faces your camera didn’t recognize.

How to delete incorrect snapshots in a familiar face profile

If your camera identifies someone incorrectly, you should fix it as soon as possible. This will reduce the chance of that person being misidentified again.

To remove incorrect or misidentified snapshots: on the app home screen: 

  1. Tap Settings Nest settings icon and then Familiar faces.
  2. Tap the face profile you want to review and thentap Select.
  3. Tap any incorrect snapshot, then tap Remove.

How to combine familiar faces that were identified as different people

Sometimes your camera may misidentify a familiar face as a new face and create duplicate profiles of the same person.

To fix and merge duplicate profiles, on the Nest app home screen, tap Settings Nest settings icon and then Familiar faces and thentap Select and thentap the duplicated profile that you want to combine. If there are multiple duplicate profiles, you can select them as well and then tap Merge nest familiar face merge icon .

How to delete a person or your entire familiar face library

  1. Go to Settings Nest settings icon and then Familiar faces in the Nest app.
  2. To delete a person, tap on that person’s face and then tap Forget this face.
  3. To delete your entire familiar faces library, including everybody you’ve categorized as familiar and things that aren’t people, tap Clear library

Learn more about familiar face detection

Visit Nest’s support site for more details and tips about using this feature.

(1) Nest’s familiar face detection feature is not available on Nest cameras used in Illinois. Certain state legislation may affect Illinois customers’ use of the feature, so we’ve disabled it as a precaution. If the home where you’re using your camera is in Illinois, you shouldn’t be able to turn on familiar face detection in the Nest app.

(2) This feature is not supported on the Nest Hub Max in the EU.

(3) Use familiar face detection in compliance with the law. Depending on where you live, you might need to get consent to have your camera help identify people visiting your home. 

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