Night Vision video quality is poor

Night Vision video quality can be affected by Internet speed and other issues. But, most Night Vision-specific issues are caused by your camera’s infrared light reflecting off a surface near your camera, like a shelf, window, window screen or wall. Symptoms include:

  • A large light or dark ring in the video
  • A part of the video is bright white or washed out (typically on the side of the video)

Here are some solutions to try. Check your camera’s view in the Nest app after each one:

  • Clean the lens with a soft cloth that’s made for cleaning optics. Dust, thumbprints and dirt can cause poor image quality.
  • Turn your camera so that any nearby surfaces or objects (like a wall) are out of view. If you have a Google Nest Hello video doorbell, install the wedge to angle the camera away from nearby objects.
  • Use the Nest app to zoom and enhance and crop out surfaces or objects that may be causing glare.
  • If a bright white shape along the edge appears while everything else is too dark, there might be a surface that’s too close in your camera’s view (like a wall). Angle your camera so that the surface stays out of view.
  • Move nearby objects that may reflect the infrared light.
  • If you have a Nest Hello video doorbell and you’ve already installed the wedge, use the app to zoom and enhance to crop out any glare or reflections.

If your camera can’t stay connected, try to troubleshoot when Google Nest Cam disconnects or is offline in the Nest app.

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