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Troubleshoot camera audio

No live or recorded camera audio

  • If you have a Google Nest Aware subscription, your camera’s audio is recorded in your video history as long as the microphone is on.
    • Make sure your camera's microphone is on and audio settings are correct.
      Newer cameras and doorbells let you adjust the speaker volume:
      • In the Home app :   Tap Favorites or Devices   touch and hold your device's tile  Settings Nest settings icon  Audio and use the slider to adjust the volume. You can also turn the microphone on or off, and switch audio recording.
      • In the Nest app, tap Camera Settings Nest settings icon  Microphone and turn the microphone on or off, or adjust the sensitivity.
    • Older Nest cameras and doorbell speakers have a fixed volume. If needed, move your camera closer to where people will be when talking.
    • For more info and instructions, go to Change Nest camera audio settings.
  • Check that your phone’s media playback volume is turned up.
  • If you’re using a speaker or headphones with volume control, turn up the volume.
  • If you’re listening with the app on a phone and your cellular connection is weak, try moving to an area with a better signal, or switch to Wi-Fi. If the Wi-Fi signal is also weak, go to an area where the signal is stronger.
  • If you have an older Nest Cam Indoor or Outdoor, to hear the other person's reply, release the app's Talk button (or click Done on a computer).

Delay in audio

When you speak to people with your camera or doorbell, there's typically a short delay of a few seconds. This is because your phone or Nest display isn’t directly connected to your camera or doorbell. The audio and videos stream from your camera to the Nest service and then to your phone. If you have a newer camera or doorbell and a Google Nest smart display like the Nest Hub Max, the video and audio stream may have a short delay in audio when the stream automatically switches between streaming to the Nest service and streaming directly to your display over your local Wi-Fi network.

Long delays can be caused by a number of issues:

  • Your camera or smart display could have connection issues, or your internet connection may have a temporary bandwidth overload or slowdown. The network could be having connection issues.
  • You could have a lot of apps open on your phone, which can slow overall performance. Quit or close the ones you don’t need. Restarting your phone can also help.
  • If you see an alert about a weak Wi-Fi connection when you view your camera's video stream, try moving your camera closer to your Wi-Fi router. For other suggestions, go to Delay or lag in the video.

No Talk and Listen audio

When you speak to people with your camera or doorbell, there's typically a short delay of a few seconds. But if the audio stops working, just tap the microphone icon in the app twice. This will stop and restart Talk and Listen.

Talk and Listen doesn't work with Safari

If Talk and Listen are not working while using Safari on a Mac computer, you can change your preferred video player to Flash Player. For more info and instructions, go to Troubleshoot camera video on a computer.

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