Troubleshooting camera audio and Talk and Listen

You can't hear camera audio in the Nest app

  • Make sure your camera's microphone is turned on. You can also adjust microphone sensitivity on some Google Nest cameras.. See the following article for instructions: Learn more about Nest Cam's microphone and speaker.
  • If you're using a Google Nest Cam Indoor or Outdoor, or you're using an iPhone to speak through a Google Nest Cam IQ: release the app's Talk button (or click Done on a computer) to hear the other person's reply.
  • If you're using a headset or speaker (either Bluetooth or wired) check if the sound is coming through that device instead of your phone or computer. Turn up the volume if you need to.

People can't hear you speaking through the camera, or there's a delay 

There's typically a very short delay in the audio when using Talk and Listen. Your voice and camera video are both going from your camera to the internet, then back to your phone.

If the delay is significant,  or if the person in front of the camera can't hear you:

  • If you're using a headset or speaker for phone calls (either Bluetooth or wired) you might need to talk into that device instead of talking directly into your phone tablet or computer.
  • iPhone users: make sure the Ring/Silent Switch is not set to Silent.
  •  If you're using a cellular connection try moving to an area with a better signal, or switch to Wi-Fi. If the Wi-Fi signal is also weak, go to an area where the signal is stronger.
  • Your camera's Wi-Fi connection may be weak in the spot where your camera is mounted. So you may also see an alert about a weak Wi-Fi connection when you view your camera's video stream. Try moving your camera closer to your Wi-Fi router or see our other suggestions in the following article.
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  • Install your camera within a few feet of the people you'll be talking to. Nest cameras are designed to be easily heard by someone nearby, so their speaker volume is not adjustable.

 Talk and Listen doesn't work with Safari

If you can't get Talk and Listen to work on a Mac computer running the Safari browser you can change your preferred video player to Flash Player. For complete instructions see the following article:

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