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How the Nest Home Report determines the days since your last Nest Protect alert

When the Nest Home Report is generated, it counts the days since the last logged safety event.

To help you keep track of your home's safety events, the
Nest Home Report shows you how long it's been since
your last Heads-Up or Emergency Alarm. The report
period ends on the last day of the previous month.

Whenever there's a smoke or carbon monoxide (CO)
event, Google Nest Protect logs it in the Nest app.

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When your Home Report is generated, it counts the days since the last logged safety event. This is the number you'll see in your the Safety summary section of your Home Report.

Why don't I see a safety event in my report?

Your Home Report may be missing a safety event because it happened after the report was generated. In this case, you'll see the event in your next Home Report.

It's also possible that your Nest Protect wasn't connected to Wi-Fi during the event. If your Nest Protect isn't connected to Wi-Fi, it will still detect smoke or CO and give you a Heads-Up or sound an Emergency Alarm, but the event won't be sent to the Nest service.

If you're experiencing trouble with your Wi-Fi connection, please see the following troubleshooting articles:

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