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What to do if your new home already has Nest Protect installed

If you moved into a home that has Nest Protect alarms already installed, they will function as stand-alone smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Connect each of them to your Wi-Fi network and the Nest app to get the full benefits of an interconnected system.

Until your Nest Protects are interconnected, each alarm will only go off in the room where trouble is detected; you won’t get Heads Up notification from Protects in other rooms, and you won’t get alarm messages sent to your smartphone.

Why you should connect your Nest Protects to Wi-Fi

When Nest Protect is connected to Wi-Fi and added to the Nest app you get access to all of the Nest Protect features, including:

  • Interconnected alarms
  • Remote status monitoring from the Nest app
  • Mobile notifications
  • Advanced settings like Pathlight

           Learn about Wireless Interconnect >

How to set up your Nest Protect

You’ll need to go through the reset and Wi-Fi setup process for each Nest Protect that is in your home.

  1. To make this easier, remove all the Nest Protects from the wall/ceiling and line them up on a table before starting.

    Tip: Keep some Post-it notes handy so that you can label where each Nest Protect goes once it has been configured.

  2. Reset your Nest Protects to remove any personal settings from the previous owner.

              How to reset the Nest Protect and erase all your personal settings >

  3. Next, connect each Nest Protect to Wi-Fi and your account in the Nest app.

              How to set up your Nest Protect with the Nest app >

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