Learn about Supersight close-up tracking

With Supersight, both Google Nest Cam IQ Indoor and Google Nest Cam IQ Outdoor automatically zoom in and track a person so you can more easily identify them. The Nest app will show you a picture-in-picture view that has the default 130° view with a close-up window.

Note: Supersight is an exclusive feature offered on Nest Cam IQ Indoor and Nest Cam IQ Outdoor.

How to use Close-up tracking

When Close-up tracking view is active, you’ll see a small picture-in-picture window appear in the bottom right corner of your camera’s video stream. The small window shows the camera’s full view, while the large main window will show the close-up of the person. Here’s how to interact with both:

Watch a short video

You can drag, tap, and pinch the video to change the view:

  • Drag the small window to any corner you like with your finger and it will snap into position.
  • Tap the small picture-in-picture window to return to the full camera view. The small picture-in-picture window will disappear until your camera zooms back in.
  • You can pinch with two fingers on the the full camera view to zoom in or out.

Close-up tracking view in video history

When you have a Google Nest Aware subscription, what you see in your video history depends on what device you’re using:

  • On a phone or tablet: you’ll see the zoomed in view if a person was detected. This is for easier review on a smaller screen
  • On a computer: you’ll see the full video frame even if a person was detected. This is so you can see everything on your computer’s large screen.

All video in your camera’s video history will be saved in full frame. So it won’t be zoomed in, even if Close-up tracking view is enabled and a person was detected by your camera. This is so you have the complete picture and the highest resolution video saved in storage. While you’re watching video in the Nest app, you can manually zoom in and out at any point.

When you create a video clip, it will be saved in full frame. So if you want to manually zoom in for a closer look at a specific part of your clip, download it, then play it in an app that supports zooming in. One example of an app that supports zooming in is VLC Media Player(Mac, Windows, iOS, Android).

How to turn Close-up tracking on or off

Close-up tracking is enabled by default, but you can switch it off or back on in your camera’s Settings menu. Changing the Close-up tracking setting won’t affect what your camera has already saved in your video history.

  1. Select the Nest Cam IQ you want to control on the Nest app home screen.
  2. Tap the Settings  Nest settings icon icon.
  3. Select Close-up tracking view.
  4. Tap the switch to activate or deactivate Close-up tracking view.


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