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Troubleshoot P002 and P013 Nest Protect message

If you’re having trouble setting up your Google Nest Protect with your iPhone 6 or 6+ on Verizon or T-Mobile, you should switch off cellular data in iPhone settings and try again.

With T-Mobile or Verizon cellular data on, you're most likely to
get a message that ends with P002 or P013 during setup, but it's
possible that you'll see another error number to the right of the
Nest Protect

Note for iOS users:

If you're see this error when setting up a 2nd gen Nest
Protect, and if you have Bluetooth disabled, try setup with
Bluetooth enabled. Enable Bluetooth on your iPhone or iPad and
tap the Try again button.

If you see this error when you have Bluetooth enabled, try
moving your iPhone or iPad closer to your Nest Protect, and
make sure that there isn't any interference from other
Bluetooth and wireless devices.

Learn about wireless interference and how to troubleshoot
it >

 Nest Protect P002 error

To solve the problem:

1. Go to iOS Settings > Cellular, then switch off Cellular Data.
2. Quit and restart the Nest app on your iPhone. If you need
guidance on how to do this, follow these instructions.
3. Press the Nest button 3 times, or until 'Cancelled' is spoken.
Nest Protect's light will turn off.

These steps will give Nest Protect and the Nest app a fresh
start for setup. Then try setting up your Nest Protect again.
Once all Nest Protects have been added to the Nest app, you
can switch cellular data back on again.

If this still doesn't resolve the problem, see our other articles for
troubleshooting specific errors during Nest Protect setup.
Select an error code in the article below

Troubleshooting adding Nest Protect to the Nest app or
Wi-Fi network >

iPhone setting cellular data




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