How to control your Nest thermostat with the app

Once you add your Google Nest thermostat to the app, you can easily control it, even when you’re not at home: adjust the temperature, change settings, see your Energy History, and more.

How to add your thermostat to the app

Before you can control your thermostat with your phone, it needs to be connected to your Wi-Fi network and the Nest app. You’ll typically do all this during installation and setup, but if you haven’t already, see How to add your Nest thermostat to the app for detailed instructions.

After your Nest thermostat is added to your account in the app, you will see it on the app home screen.

If you want other people like your spouse to also have control of your thermostat, invite them to share access to your Nest home with the app.

Note: It’s important for each person to have their own account, because this will affect how Home/Away Assist decides to switch your home to Home or Away

How to use the Nest app to control your thermostat 

Open the Nest app and tap your thermostat on the home screen. You’ll see your current and target temperatures in the Nest app, just like on your thermostat. If you don’t see your thermostat in the app, make sure you’ve added it to your account.

Depending on the type of system you have, you can:

How to change the target temperature 

  1. Drag your finger along the ring to change the target
  2. To fine tune the temperature, tap the up or down arrow
    at the bottom of the ring.

Note: The screenshot shown here is for the Nest Learning
Thermostat, but the controls for the Nest Thermostat E
are the same.

thermostat heating app


How to switch between Heat, Cool, Heat Cool, and Off 

Your thermostat will automatically switch between Eco and Heat or Cool when you leave home and when you come back, but you can manually set it whenever you want.

You will see different options in this menu depending on the type of equipment you have installed. Follow the link below to learn more.

        How to manually set your Nest thermostat to heating, cooling, Eco Temperatures or off >

How to turn on the fan 

If your system is able to control your fan separately from your heating or cooling, you can turn it on from this menu.

  1. Tap Fan Nest thermostat fan control icon.
  2. Swipe left and right to choose how long you’d like to run your fan.
  3. If your system has multiple fan speeds you can choose one here.
  4. Select Start.

See the article below for more information on controlling your fan or setting a daily fan schedule.

       How to control your fan with the Nest thermostat >

How to change your temperature schedule 

Tap Schedule Nest app schedule icon to see or change your schedule.

Your thermostat will automatically learn your schedule so it can help save energy while keeping you comfortable, but you can also edit the schedule at any time. See the article linked below for detailed instructions.

       Learn about Nest thermostat temperature schedules and how to change them >

How to view your Energy History 

To see your heating, cooling and fan usage for the last 10 days, tap Energy History Nest protect history icon. .

         How to read your Nest thermostat's Energy History >

How to change thermostat settings 

Note: You will also be able to adjust many of the same settings on your thermostat.

  1. Tap your thermostat on the Nest app home screen.
  2. Tap Settings Nest settings icon.
  3. Here you can change your settings, manage your Google Nest Temperature Sensors, and view information about your thermostat.

        Learn about Nest thermostat settings and how to change them >

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