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Learn about Safety Checkup

Safety Checkup is an easy way to verify that Google Nest Protect’s sensors, power, Wi-Fi connection, speaker, horn, and light ring are working. You can run a Safety Checkup with the Nest app for a 2nd generation Nest Protect, or press the Nest button on any Nest Protect.

The National Fire Protection Association and other fire safety experts recommend that you manually test your Nest Protect at least once a month. Safety Checkup helps you easily run a test to confirm that all your Nest Protects are working properly. It will also help you and your family become familiar with Nest Protect's sounds and lights.

Nest Protect also monitors itself automatically, with Self Test and Sound Check. That way, you know it's working in between each month's Safety Checkup.

How Nest Protect let's you know it's working

What Safety Checkup tests 

Safety Checkup tests Nest Protect's:

  • Smoke sensor
  • Carbon monoxide sensor
  • Wi-Fi
  • Power
  • Speaker
  • Horn
  • Light ring

If you have more than one Nest Protect and they're interconnected, Safety Checkup will test them all at the same time. That means if you start a test at the Living Room Nest Protect, the Living Room Nest Protect will tell you about all the Nest Protects in the house.

How to start a Safety Checkup

Before you run a Safety Checkup test:

  • Make sure all of your Nest Protects are installed properly on the ceiling or wall.
  • Limit other sources of noise in the house, like TVs, laptops, and stereos. These can interfere with the test.


On your Nest Protect 

1. Press the Nest button on a Protect. The blue light should turn on and it
will speak to you.

2. When it says "Press to test", press the button a second time.

Nest protect glow blue image.

With the Nest app on a phone or tablet 

If you have at least one 2nd gen Nest Protect in your home, you
can run a Safety Checkup with the Nest app.

1. Sign into your account in the app.

2. Select Nest Protect on the home screen.

3. Tap Checkup at the bottom of the screen.

Nest protect app everything ok image.

What to do during a Safety Checkup test 

  1. Depending on where you started the test, either Nest Protect or the Nest app will give you a countdown so that you have time to move away before the test alarm begins. You can also cancel the test with the app or by pressing Protect's button.
  2. Please remember that the horn will be tested and the alarm is loud. Do not stand close to the alarm when the horn is about to sound. Exposure at close range may be harmful to your hearing.
  3. If they are interconnected, every Nest Protect will speak up in the house. Walk to each one to make sure you hear them all. That's the best way to verify the speaker and horn are working, and that you can hear them.

What happens when the test is finished 

Once Safety Checkup is finished, Nest Protect and the Nest app will tell you if everything's okay. If there's a problem, Nest Protect will glow yellow and tell you what the issue is. You'll also hear about the problem during Nightly Promise, and you can always check your Nest Protect's status with the Nest app.

       Learn about Nightly Promise 



What to do if testing found a problem 

If you notice anything wrong with your Nest Protect during
Safety Checkup (for instance, if the lights didn't work, or the
batteries were low), the Nest app will give you instructions
about what to do.
Nest app safety image.


What to do if Safety Checkup wasn't able to start 

If you couldn't start Safety Checkup with the Nest app, you can always run a test by pressing the Nest button on any of your Nest Protects. You'll hear, "Ready in the (room name). Press to test." Press the Nest button again to begin Safety Checkup.

If Safety Checkup couldn't start, your phone or tablet likely had a problem connecting to your Nest Protect. Move closer to the Nest Protect, make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone or tablet, and that Nest Protect is connected to Wi-Fi.

If you're still having trouble connecting, see the articles below:

          Learn about wireless interference and how to troubleshoot it

          Troubleshooting Wi-Fi and connection issues 

What to do if Safety Checkup couldn't finish 

If Safety Checkup couldn't finish testing, check that Nest
Protect is connected to Wi-Fi and the Internet. If Nest Protect
isn't connected, the Nest app won't be able to report the test results.

         Troubleshooting adding Nest Protect to a Wi-Fi network

Nest app safety image.

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