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Furnace Heads-Up

Furnace Heads-Up can let you know when your Google Nest thermostat has detected a problem with your forced air heating system. If your thermostat  detects a problem, you’ll see the alert on the screen, in the app, and in your monthly Nest Home Report, so you can check your system or contact a pro for other issues (including HVAC).

Most furnaces have one or more automatic shutoff features to help make sure the system is operating safely – that it isn’t overheating, that the fuel has been ignited, and that fan-powered venting systems are operating. 

But homeowners may not notice that the system is automatically shutting off since the fan may keep running while the fuel has been shut off. Furnace Heads-Up  detects  intermittent power interruptions that often accompany these events.

When you'll see a Furnace Heads-Up

If your thermostat detects that your furnace has been experiencing a pattern of power losses, you’ll get a Furnace Heads-Up message in the app, on your thermostat, and in your Nest Home Report. The message will say, “Nest noticed that your furnace shuts down within 15 minutes of heating.” 

Note: You’ll only see the Heads-Up on your thermostat and in the app once each time it detects an issue. You’ll see a Heads-Up in your Nest Home Report each month there’s a potential problem.

Troubleshoot Furnace Heads-Up

When you see the Furnace Heads-Up alert on your thermostat you can turn the thermostat ring and then press to select OK to dismiss the alert, or follow the link to learn more about troubleshooting. 

You may also see an option to contact a pro to service your system. For complete Furnace Heads-Up testing and troubleshooting details, go to the Troubleshooting Furnace Heads-Up article.

Systems that work with Furnace Heads-up

Furnace Heads-Up works with forced air heating systems that blow warm air through vents in your home. The type of fuel your system uses (oil, natural gas, etc.) doesn’t make a difference. 

Furnace Heads-Up does not work with cooling systems, so you will only get a Heads-Up if your system is in heating mode or heat-cool mode.

Limitations of Furnace Heads-Up

You can get Furnace Heads-Up notifications on the Nest thermostat whether or not your thermostat is connected to Wi-Fi and the internet. 

Furnace Heads-Up notifications in the Nest app and Home Report require your home to have a working internet service and Wi-Fi connection to your Nest thermostat. The notifications are relayed over the internet and can only work if the internet and Wi-Fi in your home are working. So if your Wi-Fi network goes down, it could adversely affect the availability and accuracy of Furnace Heads-Up.

Furnace Heads-Up is not a foolproof way to detect a problem with your forced air heating system and should not be relied upon as a way to monitor whether your heating system is working properly. These notifications are not intended to be a substitute for regular system service by an HVAC professional.

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