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How Nest products use Thread

Nest products are designed to work together so they can communicate with you and each other in a variety of ways. They typically use Wi-Fi networks, but can also use Thread wireless mesh networking.

In a Thread mesh network, Thread devices relay information to each other through Thread routers. Homes can have one or more Thread routers so if one of them goes offline, your Thread devices can find another Thread router and continue communicating with each other. Special Thread routers called Thread Border Routers enable devices to communicate between a Thread network and Wi-Fi network.

Thread mesh network advantages

  • Improved range: Thread protocol and its radios are designed for extended range in the home. As you add more Thread routers, your Thread devices at the far ends of your home can communicate across the mesh network. This is especially helpful in larger homes, or homes where construction restricts the wireless signal range.
  • Low power: Thread requires very little power, so even battery-powered device can connect to your network and other products while staying charged for years.
  • Independent from Wi-Fi: Thread doesn't depend on your Wi-Fi router or network. If your router loses power or its internet connection, Thread-compatible products can still communicate with each other and you.
  • Works with Matter: Thread is compatible with Matter, a smart home industry standard that lets many smart home devices seamlessly work together. So if you have Matter-enabled products from Google and other companies, they can all communicate over a Thread network.

For an illustration of how Thread and Matter devices connect to each other in your home, go to the Thread Group's smart home page .

How Nest products use Thread

Nest products can use Thread and Wi-Fi for various purposes, like downloading software updates, sending app notifications, and devices communicating with each other. Products usually use Wi-Fi or Thread as their primary network to communicate with other devices. Some of our products have radios for both networks and can act as Thread Border Routers.

Google's Thread Border Routers are:

  • Nest Wifi Pro (Wi-Fi 6E)
  • Nest Hub (2nd gen)
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