Learn about Nest camera’s free live video streaming

Straight out of the box, live viewing of your Google Nest camera over Wi-Fi is free. If you’d like to be able to go back and view up to 30 full days of recorded video, you can purchase a GoogleNest Aware subscription.

Watching live video

After your Nest camera has been set up, you can view live video through the Nest app or on the Web. Your camera will stream live video whenever your camera is on, and you can view live video for free anytime, anywhere.

Watching recorded video

Without a Nest Aware subscription, you'll only get to view snapshots up to 3 hours in the past. When you purchase a Nest Aware with Video History subscription, your Nest camera will continuously record video up to 30 days in the past depending on your subscription. Watching your recorded video is as easy as watching live video, and you can view any part of your recorded video at any time, from anywhere.

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Important: While watching Nest camera's live video is free and does not require a Nest Aware subscription, watching live or recorded video over a 3G or 4G cellular connection will use data from your data plan. Please be aware that there could be additional charges from your mobile service provider if your data usage goes over your usage cap. Check with your mobile service provider to learn more about your data plan and any fees that might apply.

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