Choose which video services to turn on or off

Filters can help you place limits on how people in your household can use Google Home. You can use Filters to do things like block access to music with explicit lyrics, or define which video services are enabled.

Note: Filters are a part of Google Home’s Digital Wellbeing, a set of tools that you can use to control when and how your Google Home devices are used. To set up Digital Wellbeing on Google Home for the first time, please see the instructions here.

If you’ve already set up Digital Wellbeing, but want to set up or change your filter settings, please go here.

How to block YouTube on your Google Nest display

  1. Open the Google Home app Google Home app.
  2. At the top of the screen, select the home you want. 
  3. Tap Settings    Digital wellbeing and then Set up and then Next. 
    Note: You can tap Skip to skip setting up filters. You can always come back to set up filters later.
  4. Choose who you want the filters to apply to.
    Everyone - Filters apply to everyone using your Nest display.
    Only Supervised Accounts and guests - Filters apply only to Google Accounts managed with Family Link and guests. The filters you select will not be applied to your account or unsupervised accounts.
  5. Select the Nest display you want the filters to apply to and then tap Next.
  6. On the Video filters screen - By default, the selection will be to only play videos from YouTube Restricted Mode and YouTube Kids. However, you can also block all video content by selecting the 'block all' option.

Video filter settings

You can choose whether video filtering applies to all users or guests and users with accounts managed by Family Link. Filters can be applied to specific Google Home devices, or all of your Google Home devices.

  • Allow any video - No video services will be blocked. Your Nest display will play any video that is requested.
  • Only filtered videos - You can choose which video services are available. When you select this option, you’ll be presented with a list of available video services, including family-friendly services such as YouTube Kids. Tap on a service to enable or disable that service while the filter is on.
  • Block all videos - No videos from any service will be played when requested.
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