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Change Google home address

The home address is the physical location of your Google Nest or Google Home devices. This may not be the same address as your work and home locations.

When you ask for local places, weather and time information, your home address is used as the default location unless you specify another place, weather location or time. Example: 'What's the weather like in <Chicago>?'

If you have a migrated Nest account or use the same Google Account in the Nest app (through the 'Sign in with Google' option), any changes that you make to your home’s address in the Google Home app are also reflected in the Nest app.

Change the home address of your devices

  1. Open the Google Home app .
  2. At the top, make sure that your home name is listed. If needed, tap the name to change the selected home.
  3. Tap Settings  and then Home information and then Home address​.
  4. Tap Edit and then Enter your address and then Next.
  5. Drag the map so that the pin is on your home, then tap Done.

Note: When you change the home address, it only affects the devices in the home that you selected. You can edit or delete this address at any time.

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