Facts & info, dictionary, unit conversions, & more

Google Home can help you find answers for many of your daily questions, including calculator, translations, unit conversions, nutrition, dictionary,  and more.
Note: SafeSearch helps block explicit images, videos, and websites from Google Search results. Google Home has SafeSearch on by default. It can't be turned off. 

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Ask anything! Say "Hey, Google", then...

Facts and info

Get answers to your everyday questions.

  • “How tall is Barack Obama?”
  • “What’s the capital of Mali?”
  • “How many Oscars has Denzel Washington won?”
  • “Why is the sky blue?”
  • “How far is the sun?”
  • “What is the smallest country in Europe?”


Perform complicated calculations.

  • "What is 15% of 92? "
  • "What’s the 5th root of 97? "


Get translations for words or phrases in supported languages.

  • "How do you say hello in Japanese?"
  • "What's "good morning" in French?

Currency conversions  

Get conversions of global currencies.

  • "How many euros is a dollar worth?"

Unit conversions  

Get conversions for units. Great for the kitchen!

  • "How many pounds are 2 kilos?"

  • "2 gallons are how many liters?"


Get nutrition information for ingredients or food.

  • "How much fiber in kale?"
  • "How much sugar is there in a Coke?"


Get definitions and spellings for words.

  • "How do I spell vigorously?"
  • "What does circumlocution mean?"

Local time

Get the local time in various locations.

  • “What time is it now?” 
  • “What time is it in <location>? ”


Get information on upcoming holidays.

  • “When is <holiday>?”
  • “How many days until <holiday>?” 

Learn what Google Home can do

  • "What can you do?"

Note: These are sample queries. Go ahead, keep testing Google Home's smarts! 


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