Set & manage timers and sleep timers

Set and manage a timer for cooking, game time, laundry and even sleep. It’s great for the kitchen, but can be used in the living room, bedroom and more! 

Note: You can turn off a timer or an alarm without saying, “Hey Google”. Just say, “stop”. This is available on Google Home and Google Nest speakers and displays in English-speaking countries.

Note: If Digital Wellbeing is enabled, this feature may be restricted or blocked by Downtime, Filters or Do Not Disturb. Learn about Digital Wellbeing.

General timers

Timer alert sounds will only be played from the internal Google Nest or Google Home speaker and not other Cast devices (e.g. TVs, other speakers) that are associated with the Google Nest or Google Home device.

To do this: Say "Ok Google" or “Hey Google”, then... Your speaker or display will:
Set a timer,
Set a timer with name
“Set a timer for 1 minute”
“Set a 10 minute timer for pizza”
Set timer for 1 minute
Set timer with specified name
Find out time remaining on timer,
Find out time remaining on timer with a name

"How much time is left?"

"How much time is left on my pizza?"

Say time remaining on timer with specified name
Cancel a timer,
Cancel a timer with name
“Cancel timer”
“Cancel pizza timer”
Cancel timer
Cancel timer with specified name
Stop a ringing timer


To stop a timer, you don’t need to say “Ok Google”; just say “Stop”. (English language only)

To control by touch:

  • Google Home – Tap the top.
  • Google Home Mini –  Press and hold either side.
  • Google Nest Mini – Tap the centre.
  • Google Home Max – Tap the line on the top or right side. 
  • Google Nest displays – Tap Stop on the screen.
Stop timer
Pause timer “Pause timer” Pause timer
Resume timer “Resume timer"
“Restart timer”
Resume timer from the time it was paused

Sleep timers

You can set a sleep timer to turn off music playing on your speaker or display. You can set one sleep timer per device. 

To do this:  Say "Ok Google" then...
Set a sleep timer “Set a sleep timer for 30 minutes”
“Set a sleep timer at 9.30”
Set sleep timer by duration

"Play music/artist/genre/playlist for <duration>”
“Stop music/artist/genre/playlist in <duration>”
“Stop playing in <duration>”

Set sleep timer by time "Play music/artist/genre/playlist until <time>"
"Stop music/artist/genre/playlist at <time>"
“Stop playing at <time>”
Update a sleep timer

Note: Creating a new sleep timer will replace the existing sleep timer. 
Use any of the above voice commands

Cancel music timer

Note: This only cancels the music timer. Your music will continue playing. 

“Cancel the sleep timer”
Ask about remaining time on timer “How much time is left on the sleep timer?”

Control volume of timer by voice

To do this: Say "Ok Google", then: Your speaker or display will:
Increase volume "Turn it up",  "Louder", "Volume up"

Google Home, Google Nest Hub,
Google Nest Hub Max, Google Nest
Mini and Google Home Mini:
Increase volume by a 10% increment

Google Home Max: Increases
volume by a 5% increment

Decrease volume "Turn it down", "Softer", "Volume down" Google Home, Google Nest Hub,
Google Nest Hub Max, Google Nest
Mini and Google Home Mini:
Decrease volume by a 10% decrement

Google Home Max: Decreases
volume by a 5% decrement
Set specific volume level "Volume level five/Volume to 65%" Sets volume at a specific level. Scale is 1–10 or 1–100%.
Maximise volume "Max volume" Sets volume at level 10
Minimum volume "Minimum volume" Sets volume at level 1
Change volume by X amount "Increase volume by 10%", "Decrease volume by 10%" Changes volume by amount specified
Hear current volume level "What’s the volume?" Says the current volume level
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