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Google Home for Wear OS

Google Home for Wear OS allows you to control connected home devices supported in the Google Home app and receive camera alerts on your Wear OS watch.

Note: Some features available in the Google Home app are not available in the Google Home for Wear OS app.

What you need to get started

  • A Google Account
  • A watch that runs Wear OS 3 or newer
  • An Android 9.0+ device connected to either Wi-Fi or LTE
  • The latest version of the Google Home app on both your watch and phone
  • A home set up with your phone

Control smart home devices

You can control devices with your watch that you've already added to the Google Home app on your phone.

  1. Google Pixel Watch: On your watch, swipe down and tap Home Home. If you can't find the Home app, press the crown and then Play Store Google Play and then Manage Apps and then Update All.
    Other watches: On your watch, open the Home app from your watch's app launcher.

  2. If you have multiple homes and need to switch to another, tap the header with the home name, then select the home you need to open.

    Similarly, if you have multiple Google Accounts on your watch and need to switch to another: Scroll to the bottom of the navigation page, then tap Settings and then Accounts and then the account you need to access.

You may need to touch and hold your device's tile to reveal additional controls for that device.

Note: Some devices may show their statuses but can only be adjusted using your phone.

Create shortcuts in the Home app for quick access to your favorite devices

To quickly access your most-used devices, you can add a favorites tile that will show 5 devices from your favorites selected in the Google Home app for Wear OS. Favorites are synced and can be reconfigured on the mobile app.

  • Tapping Open on the tile will show the same Favorites list as displayed in the Google Home mobile app.
  •  If you've added Favorites in the Google Home mobile app, you'll have your Favorites listed first on the Google Home app on your watch. To select a specific device, tap Devices and then a room and then the device you want to control.
  • If you haven't added any Favorites in the Google Home mobile app, you can browse each room in the room list to find and select your device. If your home has 10 or fewer devices, they won't be separated by rooms. 
  • At the bottom of the room list, you can also tap Linked to you to select devices linked to your account that aren't in the selected home.

Update your watch face with Google Home app complications

To quickly access device and automation controls straight from the watch face, you can add Google Home for Wear app complications.
  • Devices: Choose any device in your home to be displayed as a complication.

Personalize your watch face:

  1. Press and hold your watch face.
  2. To personalize the color and layout, tap Edit .
  3. Swipe left to scroll through the styles and complications layouts.

What you can do with Google Home for Wear OS


  • View your doorbell alerts

Quick Actions

  • Run automations
  • Lock and unlock supported devices
  • Turn a device on or off

Deeper Controls

  • Switch between home and away modes
  • Select an input for devices that support inputs like smart TVs
  • Control docks for devices that support the dock trait like smart vacuums
  • Change modes - things like washing machine or dishwasher modes (delicate, quick cycle, etc.)
  • Change toggles - things like fridge or dishwasher toggles (eco, boost, power cool, defrost, etc.)
  • Adjust the brightness, color, and temperature of your lights individually or as a group
  • Turn a device on or off
  • Control the volume of your devices
  • Set the temperature of a thermostat
  • Switch thermostat modes
  • Set or select fan speed at your home
  • Use the voice command feature to change or set your fan speed

Receive Nest camera alerts

If you enable alerts for supported Google Nest Cameras in the Google Home app, you can receive notifications with image previews on your watch as well. This feature is available for Nest cameras and doorbells launched in 2021 or later. To ensure you receive notifications on your watch, check that you've enabled Nest camera alerts in the Google Home app and notifications on your Google Pixel Watch or compatible Wear OS watch.

Animated notification previews require Wear OS System UI version 1.4 or higher to be installed on your watch. Go to the Check for updates help article for details on how to update your watch and apps.

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