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Google devices with Matter

Matter is the new, universal smart home industry standard that was created to make it easier for users to know which smart home devices are compatible, set up smart devices quickly and consistently, and enjoy smart home experiences that are more responsive and reliable.

Benefits of Matter-enabled devices

  • All Matter devices work with one another and with Google Home
  • Quick and consistent setup flow for all your Matter-enabled smart home devices
  • Matter devices connect to one another locally over your existing home Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or Thread network - for faster responsiveness and better reliability
  • Matter devices can be used in multiple smart home platforms (Google Home, Apple HomeKit and more) at the same time

How Matter-enabled devices work

Matter is designed to work locally over your existing home Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Thread networks. When you add a Matter-enabled device to your Google Home, it joins the same network as your Google device that works as a Matter hub. This lets you control it whether you're home or away.

For instance, when you ask your Nest Mini to turn on a Works with Google Home smart light or other smart home device, traditionally, the Nest Mini would send that request over the internet to Nest cloud services where it would typically be relayed to your light manufacturer's partner cloud, which in turn, then sends to the command over the internet, back to your home to tell your light to turn on.

With Matter-enabled devices, there are fewer steps, so commands are quicker, even when you're away from home. With Matter, when you make the same request, Google Home will receive your request through your Google device that is acting as a hub for Matter. This hub will simply tell the light to turn on immediately over your existing home Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or Thread network without having to relay your command back to the Google cloud, then to your device manufacturer cloud, and then back over the internet to your home and back to your light.

How Matter works with Google

Control Matter devices with the Home app

To control a 3rd party Matter-enabled device with the Google Home app or Google Assistant, you need a Google device that acts as a hub for Matter. These Google devices have received software updates so they can work as a hub for Matter:

  • Speakers: Google Home, Google Home Mini, Nest Mini, Nest Audio
  • Displays: Nest Hub (1st gen), Nest Hub (2nd gen), Nest Hub Max
  • Wi-Fi routers: Nest Wifi Pro (Wi-Fi 6E)

Shop for these devices on Google Store.

Control Google devices with another app

The Nest Thermostat has also received software updates that make it controllable over Matter.

Shop for the Nest Thermostat on the Google Store.

To control Matter-enabled Google devices with a 3rd party platform or app, you may need a device that works as a hub for Matter from that 3rd party device maker.

Check Matter compatibility

To check if a device is Matter-compatible, look for the Matter logo on the product's package, or on the company's website.


How Google Home connects Matter devices with Thread

Thread is a wireless mesh connectivity protocol very similar to Wi-Fi, but was purposely designed for connecting smart home devices so they can perform even faster, more reliably, and more capably.

Not all Matter-enabled smart home devices from third-party manufacturers will include a Thread radio. Some Matter devices will simply connect to your Google Home over only your existing home Ethernet or Wi-Fi network. In order to get the best Matter experiences and performance over Thread with Google Home, you will need a compatible Google device that has Thread border router built-in.

The Thread border router in your Google device connects your Thread smart device network to the rest of your devices on your Wi-Fi or Ethernet; ensuring they are all communicating as one for Google Home.

The following Google devices can act as a Thread border router with Google Home:

  • Displays: Nest Hub (2nd gen), Nest Hub Max
  • Wi-Fi routers: Nest Wifi Pro (Wi-Fi 6E), Nest Wifi

To learn more about the benefits of Thread for your smart home devices, and which Google devices have a Thread border router built in - please read How Google products use Thread.

To learn more about Google and Matter, go to Make connections that Matter in Google Home.

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