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Nest Wifi Pro mesh compatibility

Nest Wifi Pro isn't backwards compatible with earlier generations of Nest Wifi or Google Wifi mesh systems. This means your Nest Wifi Pro can't be combined with earlier versions of Nest Wifi or Google Wifi routers or points in a single mesh network.

To add more coverage to a Nest Wifi Pro network, you need to add additional Nest Wifi Pro routers as points in the Google Home app. For older generation mesh networks, you can continue to add Nest Wifi and Google Wifi devices to expand your network. The Google Home app supports one Wi-Fi network per home in the app.

However, with a few exceptions, most devices that connect to Wi-Fi will be compatible with Nest Wifi Pro, just as they would be with Nest Wifi or Google Wifi. Learn more about compatibility for Nest Wifi and Google Wifi products.

Why older networks can't be combined with Nest Wifi Pro

Nest Wifi Pro, a Wi-Fi 6E device, uses the 6 GHz band to make connections and form its mesh network. This allows faster, more reliable connections to occur and for data to be transferred within your network more smoothly. Learn more about the benefits of using a 6E Wi-Fi network.

Earlier generation products such as Nest Wifi and Google Wifi operate using the 5 GHz band for mesh connections. They don't have compatible hardware to support Wi-Fi 6E, so they can't be combined in a mesh network with Nest Wifi Pro. On the other hand, downgrading Nest Wifi Pro's mesh to mesh with older systems would result in reduced performance for the entire network as the mesh would no longer run in 6 GHz on wider channels.

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