Plays incorrect song/playlist/artist/album

If you're trying to play a specific song, playlist, artist, or album from a particular music provider but Google Home plays the incorrect selection, try the following.

Initial checklist 

  • Which provider were you trying to play music from?
  • Which music provider have you configured in the Google Home app?
  • Important: You need subscription version of Google Play Music, YouTube Music, and Spotify to play specific songs. The free version of Google Play Music and Pandora will only play a radio station of the artist or song requested so you may not get the exact artist or song you requested. 

General troubleshooting 

  1. Confirm you're using a mobile device that has the same Google Account that is currently linked to Google Home

  2. Confirm you are logged into Google Home with the correct Google Account

    1. Open the Google Home app
    2. In the top left corner of the home screen, tap Menu Menu.
    3.  At the very top you will see the current account information
    4. Click on the down arrow to select another account or to add an account
  3. Confirm default music provider is set up correctly in the Google Home app
    1. Open the Google Home app
    2. In the top left corner of the home screen, tap Menu Menu.
    3. Tap Music
    4. Select the default music provider you would like the Google Assistant to use 
  4. Confirm the voice command you're using is supported in the chart below:
    1. Please Note: the supported music services listed below have the following limitations:
      1. Spotify: requires a premium account
      2. Google Play Music: You need to purchase a Google Play Music premium subscription to hear specific songs, albums, and artists. Note: If you don't have a premium subscription, you will hear a station of songs inspired by or similar to the songs/albums/artists you selected. Play Music account must be from same Google account that is linked to Home
      3. YouTube Music: You need to purchase a YouTube Premium subscription to get the most out of Google Home. This subscription is required for most functionality. YouTube Music account must be from the same Google account that is linked to Home.
    2. Important: some voice commands below may not work on all music services.
To do this... Say this: "Hey Google", then...
Request a song "Play <song name>", "Play <song name> by <artist name> ", “Play <song name> on <music service>”
Request an artist "Play <artist name>", Play <artist name>" on <music service>”
Request an album "Play <album name>", "Play <album name> by <artist name>",  "Play <album name> by <artist name> on <music service>”
Play music based on genre/mood/activity "Play classical music", "Play happy music", "Play music for cooking", “Play <genre> on <music service>”
Play personalized suggested content from chosen service "Play some music", “Play <genre> music on <music service>”
Play music on your speakers, TV, or video device. Note: Device linking is required. "Play music on my living room TV", "Play <genre> on my bedroom speakers"
Pause  "Pause", "Pause the music"
Resume "Resume", "Continue playing"
Stop "Stop ", "Stop the music"
Play next song   “Next”, “Skip”, "Next song"
What’s playing  “What’s playing?”, “What song is playing?”, “What artist is playing?”
Control volume  "Set volume to 5", "Set volume to 40%"


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