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How Google handles your data

Millions of businesses, schools, and government organizations trust Google to help them bring innovative technology to work and help their teams work better together. As they rely more heavily on the cloud, they need to have confidence in the capabilities, reliability and security of this technology. Google works hard to earn and keep this trust, and we want you to be aware of our commitments in each of these areas. To help answer some of the many questions we receive related to Google Cloud, we have created this FAQ. Be sure to check Google's Privacy and Terms page for more consumer tools and information relating to consumer privacy.

We make the performance, scale and reliability of Google’s technology available to organizations.
We work exceptionally hard to keep your information safe. Good privacy requires strong security.
We’ve spent years developing one of the world’s most advanced and secure infrastructure.
We have received certification for rigorous security, privacy and compliance standards so that your users' and students' data is safe, private and secure.
We insist to inform customers of third-party data requests, and we want you to know how these requests are handled.