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We launched a new Customer Care Portal for Google Workspace that began rolling out on June 10, 2021. For details, go to About the Customer Care Portal. The Google Cloud Support Center will no longer support Google Workspace after July 26, 2021.

Admins, resellers and partners can use the Google Cloud User Management Tool to provision and manage user access to web applications such as Google Cloud Support Center and Google Cloud Connect.

By default the User Management Tool assigns administrative privileges to anyone who is configured as a super-admin in the Google Admin console.

Google Cloud Support Center Permissions

An administrator can control a user's access to GCSC by adjusting a set of permissions. This permission set consists of: product family, privilege, and role.

Product family

The product family is the GCSC product group to which the user has access. 

The product family is the highest permission level, and a user’s access permission for one product family does not carry over to another product family. Users must be have permission to each product families to gain access to information within that product family.


The privilege defines the level of control the user has within the product family. 

  • Manager - can create, update, and remove users for the product and role they are associated with, as well as create new content (such as customer cases in the Google Cloud Support Center) and access all other contents for products the administrator has access to. By default, all super administrators in the Google Admin console are granted administrator access in the User Management Tool.
  • Personnel - can create new content and access all other contents for products the user has access to. Personnel users cannot manage other users. All new GCSC users are assigned the Personnel privilege by default.


The role determines the types of content the user can access in GCSC. Currently, only the Support role exists. The Support role limits access to customer cases. Other roles may eventually allow access to technical documentation, sales materials, and more.

Google Cloud Connect Permissions

The permissions set consists of preferences, privileges, and role. Administrators can control user access to applications by adjusting their permissions.


When users log into GWC, the content they see is based on the preferences they set when they signed up. These preferences include:

  • Products of Interest
  • Functional Interests
  • Customer type
  • Region
  • Preferred language
  • Communications

Managing users

Follow the instructions here to view, add, remove users or change their permissions in the User Management Tool.

View users

If you have the Administrator privilege for a product family, you can view a list of current users in your organization.

  1. Sign in to the User Management tool. You will see the user list that appears in sets of 25 users.
  2. Click the arrows at the top right of the page to move forward or backward through the list.

Add users

To add a new user:

  1. Click the New User button at the top left of the page.
  2. Enter the new user's email address in the pop-up dialog box. Make sure the user's email address is from a domain associated with the organization.
  3. Choose the user's level of privilege as either Manager or Personnel.
  4. Click Save.
Users cannot change their own permissions.

Delete users

Administrators can delete a user as long as the user does not have access to any product families beyond the administrator's access. Users with multiple product families can be deleted only by an administrator with access to those same product families.

To delete a user, check the box next to the user's name and click the Delete button.

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