Delete available appointments & cancel booked appointments

When you need to make changes to your availability, you can delete time slots and cancel appointments on your calendar.

You can create a single booking page to let others schedule unlimited appointments on your calendar at no charge. If you have an eligible Google Workspace or Google One subscription, appointment schedules come with premium features. Learn about premium features for appointment schedules.

Delete available time slots

Important: When you delete an appointment schedule:

  • The appointment schedule is removed from your calendar.
  • Booked appointments stay on your calendar and the person’s calendar who booked the appointment.
  • Links to booking pages you shared no longer work.
  1. On a computer, open Google Calendar.
  2. Click the appointment schedule you want to delete.
  3. At the top right, in the appointment window, click Delete appointment schedule .
Tip: To make changes to your appointment schedule, like removing a time block, you need to edit the appointment.

Cancel a booked appointment

Important: When you cancel a booked appointment:

  • The appointment is removed from your calendar.
  • A cancellation email is sent to the person who booked the appointment. 
  • The cancelled appointment time appears available on your booking page.
  1. On your computer, open the booked appointment on Google Calendar.
    • If you use a third-party calendar, you can cancel your appointment from your confirmation email. Or, you can RSVP “no” to a calendar invitation to cancel an appointment.
  2. Click Cancel appointment.
  3. On the booking page that opens, click Cancel your appointment.
Tip: If you or the person who booked an appointment with you forwards the appointment confirmation email to someone, the recipient can cancel the booked appointment.

Learn about refunds for appointment cancellations

If you subscribe to an eligible Google Workspace plan, you can ask for payment upfront when customers book appointments on your calendar. Learn about payments for appointments.

All payments and refunds are handled by Stripe. Google Calendar does not:

  • Process or store any payment info (such as credit card numbers)
  • Charge any platform fees
  • Assist with refunds or payment issues

When you cancel an appointment as the organizer or the customer, a refund isn’t processed automatically.

  • If you’re the organizer: To refund a customer, go to your Stripe dashboard.
  • If you’re the customer: To request a refund for an appointment cancellation, review the organizer’s cancellation policy first, then contact them to ask for a refund.
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