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Updated: Yesterday
Gambling Certification Hello, I've been having this battle for two weeks with my own UK site. Ads says- I need a licence fr… Ads Disapproved but No Malware on the website I am managing an ads account and it is been flagged for malicious or unwanted software. Google suppo… Your account is suspended - Your account violated the Circumventing systems policy. Please Help!! Ive been running a google adwords account for about 4 years now with no issues at all, until yesterd…
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My Ads are not Getting Approved! Initially, My Ads got Disapproved due to Speculative Medical terms policy, Then I created a new land…
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Does "Gate Repair" service in California need a license and does it fall under Advanced Verification A client called wanting to set up a google ads account for Gate Repair Service in LA, California. Do…
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Ability to promote hardware usb wallets for cryptocurrency ( Trezor/Ledger) We are trying to run ads for the Cryptocurrency hardware wallets. These are NOT crypto exchanges or … "Ads Disapproved: Malicious or unwanted software" yet definitely no malicious or unwanted software. We have a software system that integrates into our customers' websites. Google Ads has disapproved o…
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Disapproved: Malicious or unwanted software AFTER site being hacked We are experiencing a problem that, based on other posts, a number of advertisers have also experien… Your account violated the Prescription drug sale policy "Im not selling drugs in my adds ?" (Your account is suspended - Your account violated the Prescription drug sale policy) We don't sell …
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I don't understand why my html5 ads can't be added to the campaign. I get "Action not permitted" I'm trying to submit 5 banners for display campaign and i'm getting " Action not permitted" alert wh…
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ad review again request for ad review again
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Help with "Account suspension due to violation of Terms & Conditions" My Client for an unknown reason Ads account was suspended and we cant figure out why. I have tried c…
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My Google Add is not showing I have created Addword few days back, But till now its 2nd week my Add is not running How to recover from AdWords suspension due to "Circumventing Systems Policy"? 1. We are a chain of infertility hospitals from Bangalore, India. We were working with an external a…
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Computer Repair Ads - Updates on the policy prohibiting them? Has anyone heard if a verification system or any other process is in the works yet to get this verti… Ad Disapproved? 5 Quick Tricks To See What is Wrong Hi There! One of the ways Google remains a trusted source is because of our Advertising Policies. Yo…
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