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Where is the Tools tab? Hello, I signed up for Google Ads today and do not have the Tools tab needed to link my account to G… Can't find my certificate How do I access my Google Analytics IQ certificate? How do I get to Ads and NOT AdWords Express? Hi, The setup keeps prompting me to sign up for AdWords Express, which I do not want. I want to use … how to improve google search ads skills without wasting my money? how to can improve my skill set without wasting money in google search ads . Unauthorized Charges Hello Google team, This is the third time the money is deducted from my debit card without any reaso… How to Change Google Ads Account Lanuage Hi, How to change hindi language into the English.. Thanks in Advance.. Ads language I have just set up an Ads account, but the interface is in Spanish and I want it in English (Google … Universal App Campaign (UAC) is very fast for Android and extremely slow for iOS. Hi, we are launching our app (for Android and iOS) on a new market. In order to drive more installs …
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My Reacharge not success , plz refund amount in my account Refund money wondering when the google ads for the "computer repair industry" will be unlocked? My computer repair campaign has been disapproved since March and I was wondering when they will allo… Google Ads account Suspended for Circumventing systems Hello Ads Forum Users! Yesterday, I logged into my Ads account to increase my spend when I realized … Remarketing display ad won't save information Hi, I have tried multiple times to add photos, headlines, and descriptions to create a retargeting d…
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