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Updated: Yesterday
successfully added my billing info, verification fees is also deducted from my Bank, again asking sm I have successfully added my Billing info at the time of signing up, the verification amount is dedu…
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Does Google Adwords Un-Pause Ads you've previously listed?? I received an email May 14th stating I have been billed $83 for an ad that has been supposedly been … cancelled the payment in 7 may 2020 hi support you have charged me with 50 USD and cancelled the payment in 7 may 2020 till now i didn't…
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refund not recive refunds not recive contact google now they took $350 from my account I need my money back I paused my account This cannot happen now I hav…
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I am poor man how to pay in google. Say......? I am poor man my bank account rupees 100 rupees only how to pay 500 rupees? Still promo code amount not credited I have added my promo code but still amount not credited on my account.
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Hi, Your account cannot show ads To start running your ads, enter your billing information. Hi even after adding my debit card this message is coming. What to do?
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I paid for my website ad after Google blocked my acc. Why my acc is suspended ? I paid and after my acc is bloked again. Before i paid for another ads and Google blocked my acc. No…
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