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I'm new to google ads. I have a question on the auction insight report. I saw my campaign impression share has 40%, top of page rate 80% and abs top of page rate 60%. May I…
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How do I get a Google Aids Google Dos Search Certification? How do I get a Google Aids Google Dos Search Certification? Google Digital Garage certificate language I have completed the course and received the certificate successfully. However, while registering fo…
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Google Partners Rewards - Why do I not have any challenges? Anybody know why I do not have any challenges for this quarter for my Google Partners Rewards? I am … Google Partner Performance Criteria Requirements Lost specialization for not achieving performance. Bottom line, even if we meet the $15000 per quart…
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Google Partners Store - Anyone managed to place an order? We have just noticed that our points have been processed and the rewards store is now open, however,…
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Why cannot I join as Google Partner after fulfilling the criteria? I had certified my profile with my company email id and I have admin access to our Google Ads accoun…
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The Google Partners terms and conditions Update The Google Partners terms and conditions have been updated recently for you too ? Is it important ? … Unlock the 50 accounts limit in our MCC (without being Google partner) Hi, I'm looking for a GoogleAd account manager that could help us to unlock the 50 accounts limit in… Gogale gif code free Please send me Please send me gogale gif code How make ads How do it How do I get a dedicated Google rep? I'd like to have a dedicated Google rep for our account (to take advantage of a few other platforms …
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Account Strategists Contacting Child Accounts I work for a large marketing agency that offers to manage ads as a service for clients. The account …
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Agency Account Strategist has left, who do I turn to now? My agency has had a long and enjoyable relationship with Google Partners and several Agency Account …
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