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when I click complete the info , it tells me that I can’t get into with this account ? I tried to put location on google and when I click complete the info ,it tells me that I can’t go th…
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Google Partners Rewards - Why do I not have any challenges? Anybody know why I do not have any challenges for this quarter for my Google Partners Rewards? I am … Google Accelerate Prizes - Problems Ordering Hi I have had the email today to order my Google Accelerate Prizes, when I follow the the link and f…
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What are the exact requirements for client revenue & growth to receive a Google Partners Badge? Hello, I've had an MCC account with client accounts linked to it since December 2017. I've been cons… Google Partner Reward - Anyone received the goods? Hi guys, has anyone ordered any goods from the partner store this quarter. We order loads of goodies… Partner Store Opening Times Hi, does anyone know when the partner store opens? Every time I access the store it says it is close…
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Await for Google Partner I am qualified in all certifications, got +$500,000 quarterly spend and got my account 18 months. I …
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Google Partners Store - Anyone managed to place an order? We have just noticed that our points have been processed and the rewards store is now open, however,…
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Google Partners Events - can't log in and email bounces back Anyone know what is up with Google Partners Events? I used to get emails and opportunities to run ev…
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Google Trends - Exact Same Keywords and Timeline - Inconsistent Trends Provided A little puzzled here....was wondering if anyone could explain the inconsistent results I'm getting …
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