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My gmail address is associated with an Adwords account that is suspended that I didn't create. Many months ago I started receiving emails to my gmail account saying that my AdWords account had be…
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Promoting Digital Products on Shopping Ads Hello, I am wondering If it is within Google policies to promote digital products on Google Shopping… Staggering YouTube Ads I'm looking for a way to stagger an ad a few weeks on a few weeks off over the course of a year. I k…
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Income Targeting I am trying to figure out my targeting, I have not been able to find what google defines as their in…
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Invalid. Edit to Post. Error. No Details. Hi, We are constantly getting "Invalid. Edit to Post" error when we try to submit changes to our acc…
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why i not add my debet card gyu
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Am receiving advertising for an App that when the phone is held up to a woman it shows her unclothed I would like this ad removed as I believed that that App was banned
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HTML5 ad delivery is much lower than Responsive Display Ads I uploaded HTML5 ads to an existing campaign and ad group that has been delivering well (budget rest… Deleting ads in deleted ad campaign I deleted a campaign a week ago, but I forgot to delete the adds in the campaign. Now, I want to del… Item in shopping feed disapproved but specific reason not provided. One of my shopping feed products is disapproved but no reason is given as to why. When I check merch… Why do I suddenly have ads popping up.on my phone? Why have ads shown up? Google Shopping Feed Hi All. I want to create a Google Shopping Feed automatically in Wordpress/Woocommerce but also want…
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Account Structure - Campaigns (per location/per product) Hi, We are targetting our ads to multiple countries. We also have multiple use cases. Now my questio… Promotion Code Can i use a promotion code that applied for one account, then i copy this code to apply another acco… Does Google Not Understand Product Ingredients that are Required by the FDA? Our ad is limited because our landing page has Vitamin D as ERGOCALCIFEROL. The actual type of Vitam… Facing issue with our ad "Furniture", showing malicious software. Please help rectify the issue. We are trying to setup an ads, but its getting disapproved. Not able to resolve the issue.
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How do I link different URL and google analytics to my google ads? They use the same email address. Brand new to Google Ads. I manage 5 different websites under one email. When I did my first ad, I wa…
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My video ads arent running making another campaing to see if that helps.
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A/B Testing - How does Google Ads and Google Optimize split the traffic? I´d like to know specifically how does Google split the traffic that I send to an A/B Test. Does it …
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Can I use another company name in my ad? I provide a service to customers of other companies. I am not a competitor, but we also don't have a…
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