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What are the average homeowner looking for in a contractor How to get a homeowner to feel they are making the right choice by choosing my services?
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Hi Google AdWords team please review my ads thank you very much please review my ads and approve my app that Google adworld team
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How to remove a Campaign? How to remove my campaign in Google Ads account forever? The title of this thread was updated by a G… Unique Invocation Name of Conversation Action Hi Everyone, I have been trying to get an answer to a label on the Google Form for a Trademark Compl…
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Google Ads Reporting Issue - Inflated Conversions Has anyone noticed their numbers somewhere between November 12-19 seem like Google is reporting doub…
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A google ad “specialist” spent $1000 on unauthorized ads on my account! I was working with an google ad manager John Ryan esguerra who put Seth Fogerlie in charged of my ac… How to create gallery ads, jow to check them. Can some one guide? I have tried searching in all the campaigns with different business goal, cant find them.
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What are the reason in-stream video ad on Google are disapproved for reason of Capitalization. the in stream video ad I created on Google using YouTube URL has been disapproved on the grounds of …
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I have four products with shopping violations that are not cleared with manual review... I have four products that have a policy violation because google thinks it is a gun or firearm. But …
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Can't find Merchant Center "Home Page" I'm following the guide to set up a Actions store and when I get to the "Set up your tax information…
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Google Merchant Account suspension for Account warned for policy violation: landing page not working Received a suspension notice saying that our account has a deadline to fix these issues: Landing pag…
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two days gone but my ads is not approved yet. my ads showing eligible status since 2 days but still not approved please approve it today, i hope a…
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Removing products from our shopping actions feed but not our ads feed Hello all, I'm hoping someone can help me out. Basically we have one feed set up in our merchant cen…
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Waiting for specialist to review Got a message from google saying "please provide more information." Filled out the form and was emai…
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Computer Repair Ads - Updates on the policy prohibiting them? Has anyone heard if a verification system or any other process is in the works yet to get this verti… How can I disable google ads How can I block google ads
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Help! Receiving countless wrong-number calls. Hello, I'm reaching out on behalf of my employer. We have an Ads account for our business. For the p… schedule call only ad I have created a Search Ad campaign and it has multiple Search Ads. I now have added 1 new Call Only… Sitelinks approved but not delivering Hi, I had a campaign running for some time and decided to add sitelinks to improve the quality of my…
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Conversion Rate and Search term in the same report - need clarification Here are the headers for my report: My question is about Cost/Conv. and Conv. Rate. Does these mean …
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