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My account is suspended for suspicious payment activity... never happened before. How Can i restore? 0 Recommended Answers 9 Replies 7 Upvotes
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My account has been in good standing for the last 3-4 years. All of a sudden i received an email stating that my account has been suspended due to suspicious payment activity. 

All the email said was it has been detected. I do not know why. 

This is really worrying ad i really heavily on google adwords. 

Can i get this over turned. They have not even explained exactly what is suspicious activity. 

I am panicking right now. 

Please help someone. I have only read one other post where someone said that all google replied after 5 hours was that the decision was find and permanent. This has really made me panic and lose sleep.
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There can be many reason why an account can be hit with this specific suspension. The system uses a number of checks & balances to determine the credibility of the advertiser, which we are not able to discuss. You can attempt to file an appeal and hopefully get things resolved. 
Please use this interactive web form to file an appeal and hopefully get your account back being active. 
Kind Regards,
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Thank you for your reply. Could this be because I recently changed my payment method from business banking to a personal banking account along with back up payment (business card to personal one). 

Also...in case this process takes a long time could I use a third party company for advertising/ visibility? If so where and how could I find these in London.
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Do not open another Google Ads account, either directly or through a third party. You will be permanently suspended if you do.    

For non-Google advertising options, we cannot help with that, of course.
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I already have two or three accounts (two business sites and one personal) i did not know you run ads through one account on multiple sites, i am really an amateur when comes to google AdWords. Not through my choice but i think they been in existence since i had my business account. 

Although i have never used them. I am not planning on opening another, surely they cannot mark this against me as I have had them prior to suspension and had no issue. 

Has anyone had these over turned i.e unsuspended???
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Suspicious payments are the main suspension that can be fixed. All the others are really hard.

However, if it seen to be suspicious because you are using the same billing details of another account, that might be hard. You will find out if that is it, because the other accounts will get suspended as well.
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The problem is that the billing address will be different as i have different home and business address. There is attempt of deception or purposeful fraud or any kind of ill activity as i need this for my business and i would not dream of it. 

I really hope this can be fixed. Perhaps they should make it clear that you cannot use business and personal details together. 

Does anyone know how long this process may take???
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Did you ever get a resolution to this?  I am on the phone with Google Now...   They are absolutely clueless and provide assistance.  I have always used a personal credit card for my bus managers account.  As soon as I started advertising for a second client I get shutdown for suspicious payment activity.  I have been on the phone with at least 6 different people.... Hung up on by one... and they all tell me the reason is the obvious reason in which I called them but nobody seems to be able to elaborate...  This is insane...
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We've experienced this over and over, even with a brand new card. As soon as the same card is used in two different accounts, even if it is a business bank account, Google still marks it as suspicious. 
Talking to support is completely helpless as they would tell you it is completely fine to use the same card for different accounts under the same manager account. But in fact, over and over, we've proven this is simply not true at all. We've even given Google our bank's official statement saying account is in good standing with no luck.
Best bet is to use a separated card for each account. It's a pain, but that seems to work. Also, if you account is ever suspended over payment issues, your other accounts using the same card would eventually get suspended over the same reason regardless of the resolutions. 
To simply put: Google Ads Support is completely clueless and helpless. The automated/manual review process is biased and broken AF. 

Please Google, besides your bigger clients, the smaller clients also make up a huge portion of your revenue. The kinda hoops you make us jump through and and the misinformed/chaotic support provided to get simple stuff done is absolutely INSANE.
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I have been shit down for same reason. After I did the appeal they sent a final decision on it via email. Basically telling me to bad I'm shit down and not welcome to start again with them. I called and they told me they don't have a number to the dept that handles this stuff. Took my money and than shit me down. Such a waste of time and get shafted in the end.
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