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Ad & ad extension disapproval due to unapproved substances or restricted drug terms. 2 Recommended Answers 8 Replies 12 Upvotes
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I have been facing with this issue with time to time which was solved in the past but currently it is not being treated properly.

Typically this is what happens:

1, The Google bot finds an unapproved substance/drug term on the site (eg. toluene or botox), therefore disapproves my ads or ad extensions

2, The Google bot cannot consider the context on the site.
Eg. the site says: "The product is a natural botox alternative" or "The product does not contain any harmful substances, such as toluene"

3, I contact the Google support team, ask them to manually review the site and approve my ads or ad extensions because we are NOT PROMOTING nor SELLING the given substance at all

To be precise, this is what I mean for a "Toluene" disapproval:
The site states in the "Troubleshooter: Restricted drug term" section: "Your ad, website, or app is promoting prescription drugs, and that isn't allowed for at least one country that your campaign targets."

4, In the past, this happened time to time, and they have approved the ads within 48 hours.
Recently, the support team is sitting on the issue for days, keep on sending me an email saying either that
a, "this is taking longer than expected ... please allow us more time"

or they just say that

b, "the ads will remain disapproved due to Prescription Drug Terms like “TOLUENE”  which is not allowed by Google to use in ad text, landing pages, or keywords." 

In order to help their work I have even sent them screenshots and links about the site, but it seems like that either the support team does not look at it, or they don't speak English.. :)

I am getting back copy-paste emails from them instead of looking at the issue properly, or even reading the Google Ads policy at the links that they send me - naturally, this is very frustrating.

Again, this has happened in countless occasions.

Has anyone faced the same issue? Do you have any suggestions about how to tackle this?

Many thanks in advance,
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>>"the ads will remain disapproved due to Prescription Drug Terms like “TOLUENE”  which is not allowed by Google to use in ad text, landing pages, or keywords." 
>>"The Google bot finds an unapproved substance/drug term on the site (eg. toluene or botox), therefore disapproves my ads or ad extensions
Recalling organic chemistry 101,  in my first year at school, toluene is toxic to humans but widely used as a substance in the chemical industry and as a solvent in labs.   I am a bit surprised that Google lists it as a drug...
I would remove it, but also look for names of other substances/ drugs on the whole site.
No mention of substances (on the list) is allowed, regardless of the context.
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see also
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Many thanks for the help!

I am quite disappointed to see that the general answer is "Google will not care about the context".
This means that for them, the expression "buy toluene now" on a site is equivalent to "toluene free products"... :)

The practice of considering the context on the site could be easily applied (and based on my experience, the support team's manual overview and override was working well in the past), but unfortunately it seems like that this is not the case anymore.

(One additional note: Submitting a healthcare-related-advertising form would not work in my case, because we are talking about a site advertising a toluene-free nail polish..)
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>>" "Google will not care about the context"
Technically, machines are not as sophisticated to infer the context of health-related language. 
So, this will require an army of reviewers to read an review every site, and once approved, "dishonest" advertisers could modify the content to their needs...
Hence the decision is "no mention" until technology (i.e machine learning) will make the progress to deduce context.
Indeed, it does affect honest and transparent advertisers, like you, who promote their products as free of the ("bad")  substance.
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A common, similar issue with health sites is the word guarantee. Google doesn't like advertisers that guarantee a product will work (like weight loss), but if you put that you do not guarantee results, the trigger word is still there.
Note Google says words in images also count, however I have not seen any suspensions or disapprovals for sites that do that. 
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If you want to get your ads approved quickly removed the term Toluene from the ads, please refer to this site for more information on medical term red flagged for the https://www.legitscript.com/products/Toluene/

Even Google team use these site to check the drug term you need to get you to account whitelisted for these terms otherwise every time you make changes in your ads or extension they well get disapproved, Since automated systems review they ads

And previously when your ads are approved they are approved because of manual review which is done by the human

I hope this is helpful
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