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Deleted an entire campaign due to Disapproved ad, will my other Campaigns start running now? 3 Recommended Answers 7 Replies 15 Upvotes
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We have 3 campaigns. One campaign was paused but continued to receive Disapproved Ads alerts. Our client could not fix the issue causing the Disapproved Ads issue.

Meanwhile our other clients campaigns have been inactive due to the Disapproved Ads issue.
We are going to completely Delete the entire campaign being Disapproved.

Will this allow our other approved campaigns to run again?
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The disapproved ads would not keep the whole campaign from running.  Why is the ad disapproved?
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The reason we were given was Unclear Relevance. Long story on that, but it's around the use of keyword insertion and default issues which the client is unwilling to change, hence the reason why we first paused, then deleted that client's campaign.

How are we able to confirm if the Account is suspended? We've received no notification of that...is there somewhere in the account we can look?
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I haven't received any communication from Google that the whole Account is suspended. Only communication to date was that they disapproved 1 set of Ads in 1 Campaign.
How do they normally let you know when your Account is suspended? 
Thanks for all the help!
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I agree with the replies from my colleagues here... and would add to edit or remove any ad that is disapproved. Do not let any disapproved ads remain in any form. Deal with it in some way (edit or remove) immediately. 
If a Google Ads account is suspended, you would know as soon as you log into it. 
Kind Regards,
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