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My GMC account is getting suspended again and again
my gmc account gets suspended everytime due to policy violation:misrepresentation.
I have tried to correct the issue 3 times but I am unable to solve it.

my website zopillo.com is a website I do dropshipping on. 
to make my products run shopping ads I have to make the products get approved on merchant center. 
pls can anyone tell me the solution by checking my website for the mistakes .

i am really stuck it will be good if someone can help.
i have included every policy in their.
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"I do dropshipping on"  so the products are not in stock at your business, that's against Merchant Center policies.
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Also no physical (postal address on your site)
neither business name
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Founder of FeedArmy - Shopping & Merchant Center Specialist
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Dropshipping is not a reason for suspension. As long as the items can be verified and are in stock.
However, the reason for your suspension is most likely not being honest about the business location.
And there are no trust signals that you are a legitimate business.
For example a legitimate business, is a business that has an official address, 3rd party social trust signals, that can verify and claim the address. 
Real reviews
Products that are not already sold by hundreds of others
Consider reading
Below is the most common generalized list, this should help you better understand most requirements.
Business Details VS Payment Details
Ensure your business details match the payment details on all platforms. Especially all Google platforms and PayPal.
One Account
Only have one Google Ads and One Google Merchant Center account. Creating multiple accounts when suspended is considered circumventing policy violations. Exceptions to business entities and businesses with multiple brands. (Here you need an MCA)
One Website
Only have one website linked to your business. Only in certain situations can you have multiple websites, in general, merchants that are suspended have multiple websites for no valid reason other than to gain an unfair advantage.
Existing Suspensions
If you already have existing suspensions on other accounts, you must first resolve these issues before resolving your additional accounts’ problems.
Track Record of Order Fulfillment
Make sure you generate reviews from orders placed on your website. Ensure all reviews are real, and you have a mix of positive and negative reviews.
If you get reviews that are not verified from a purchase, remove the review.
Phone Number
Make sure your phone number is answered during business hours listed on the website and Google My Business.
Google Maps
Your business address must easily be found on Google Maps. And connected to Google My BusinessBBBFacebook if eligible.
Your business premise must have the ability to accept packages and legal documents. And have someone at the premises during business hours listed on the website and Google My Business.
Track all availability, pricing, applicable taxes and shipping policies are accurate and listed on the website.
Selling Products
Validate and or confirm you have the appropriate reseller license and certificates from your distributor.
Verify your product status, is in stock or out of stock, and that this is verified with actual stocked goods—both on your website and in your data feed. Also, avoid frequent availability changes during one day. Google requires stable availability information.
When ordering products, make sure no-one can purchase more than stocked. For example, do not allow customers to order 1000 products when you only have 20 in stock.
As with the availability status, make sure you have accurate product pricing and are up to date in the data feed, and that Google has collected this info.
Only list 1 product price, if you have multiple products, consider submitting different landing pages for each product.
Don’t Sell Products You Can’t Deliver
Don’t sell products you can not deliver to the customer. And don’t sell products you can not deliver within 1.5 weeks.
Make sure to not copy-paste the same images and text from the manufacturer and or other resellers. You will increase the quality of your ranking by taking your own images and writing quality content.
Copying content from others will also lower your trust score.
Google may see you as low quality due to not adding additional or different content. The reason behind this is that Google wants to provide users with good listings and user experience, if you are not different from any other merchant, there is no benefit.
BTW: just as a side note, this is also for organic listings. You can rank better by having your own content.
Generally, PopUps are not allowed. When for example, a pop-up or banner blocks or covers important content and or information for your customers. Instead have a small icon in the bottom corners that show / hide the newsletter subscription.
Reference: https://support.google.com/merchants/answer/4752265?hl=en
Don’t have side wide discounts when you have never sold the item at its original price. Listing discounts when they are not real is considered misleading.
Misleading Content
Do not mislead, make false claims or statements. Such as:
  • If you are selling products related to healthcare, medicine or supplements, remove any claims or statements not approved by the target country government body.
  • If you a reseller and not an official partner, do not show images, or quotes that you are.
  • Don’t suggest you have certificates when you don’t
Contact Page
Make sure to have a contact page with the below listed items and linked in the footer of all pages.
  • Physical business address (Virtual Offices or PO Boxes or Distribution centers are generally not allowed)
  • Telephone number
  • Email address (same domain as website)
  • Contact form
  • Contact Hours (even for online businesses)
Also add the physical business address, telephone number and email address in the footer of all pages. And if possible also your business registration number.
Make sure to also add your exact same business address in Google Merchant Center > Wrench > Business Information > About Your Business
Do not add FAQ’s to the contact page, separate this on a FAQ dedicated page.
Footer Links
Make sure the below links are visible and accessible to anyone on a desktop, tablet or smartphone.
  • returns & refund page
  • delivery / shipping page
  • privacy policy
  • terms and conditions
  • disclaimer
Delivery / Shipping Page
Add a delivery page with your handling time, estimated delivery time, pricing and warehouse location. Make sure to write the information clearly, and can be easily read.
Link this page in the footer of all pages.
Terms and Conditions Page
This is a rather technical page and should be written by professionals / lawyer. Some eCommerce platforms such as Shopify have a template available for you to use.
Link this page in the footer of all pages.
Privacy Policy Page
This as with the terms and conditions page is a technical page and should be written by professionals / lawyer.
Link this page in the footer of all pages.
A disclaimer is used primarily to notify or warn users of the limit or the extent to a website’s liability to a user if there is a legal action.
For example, if you have a disclaimer that states you are not liable for any issues a user may have when they click on a third-party link on your site and a user does end up having an issue, that disclaimer can protect you.
Disclaimers are a key way a website can prevent potential future liability from the use of their site or errors and omissions on the site. Any website or app should have disclaimers for protection, but they are highly recommended for ecommerce sites.
Including these statements can protect an ecommerce store from any issues in shipping, returns, refunds, third party partners, or affiliates. Ecommerce stores are unique because people often rely on these websites to not have issues. However, sometimes things do happen and disclaimers act as safeguards against this.
People sometimes confuse disclaimers with other agreements on a website, such as a Terms of Use or a Privacy Policy. While including all of these is essential to protect your site, disclaimers do offer something different.
Returns & Page
The return policy should be based on the delivery day. Not purchase day. The reason is that an item could theoretically be in transit beyond the return policy days, meaning a consumer can never return the goods. In this case, it is considered dishonest. So make sure to mention it on delivery day.
Under what circumstances you offer a return. For each of the listed items below, you need to explain what happens for each scenario.
  • To cancel an order
  • Damaged on arrival
  • Faulty manufacturing or broken after use (What is your warranty)
  • They changed their mind
  • For an exchange
  • Or its a wrong product
Explain the initial steps a user must take to initiate a return, such as do they need to call you, do they email you or do they need to submit a contact form?
Also explain what documents they need to show and if they need to take a picture of the product.
Also explain the complete steps to initiate a return, such as an address, email process, what info they need to give you, etc.
Do not mention things you don’t sell. For example you mention flowers, you don’t sell this?
Explain when your user can expect a refund and if the refund is to their card, item of equal value or a store gift card.
In short, provide as much information a client needs to understand the full process of a return.
More info: https://support.google.com/merchants/answer/6363310

Remove User Based Modifications
Remove all IP, browser, user modifications. Such as automated currency conversions or changing the website content or design. All users must see the same exact info, regardless of where they are located.
Allow for guest checkout and do not force customers to accept terms and conditions.
The checkout requires the following policies linked from the footer of the page.
  • Privacy Policy Page
  • Return and Refund
  • Delivery / Shipping Policy Page
Read All Policies
Complete All Google Merchant Center Settings
Complete all the settings found in the top right corner > gear icon >
Verify Phone Number
You also need to verify your business phone number.
You can verify your phone number by going to GMC > Gear Icon > Business Information > About your business
Advertise Only Products Google Allows
Make sure you sell what Google allows: https://support.google.com/merchants/answer/6149970
Submit Accurate Product Identifiers
When submitting product identifiers the following rule applies.
If a manufacturer has assigned a bar code, then submit brand, mpn (if available), GTIN and set identifier exists to yes.
If the manufacturer has not assigned a bar code, then remove the values brand, mpn, gtin and set identifier exists to no.
Resolve Disapproved Products
Ensure all products don’t have any errors or warnings. To check go to Google Merchant Center > Products > Diagnostics
Remove Disapproved Products
If you had disapproved products before receiving the suspension and you are not able to resolve the individual product disapproval, then remove the products from the feed.
Accurate Shipping & Tax Settings
Ensure in Google Merchant Center you have accurate shipping and tax settings. You can test the shipping and tax prices on individual products by going to Products > All Products > click on your product > scroll to the center of the page.
This needs to be accurate so double check in your product information page.
Structured Data
Ensure that the SKU in the structured data matches the product id in the data feed submitted to Google Merchant Center.
To check the id in feed, go to Google Merchant Center > Products > All Products > and view the Item ID column. These values need to match with the SKU in the structured data. 
Double check you have no errors here: https://search.google.com/test/rich-results
Offering a promotion or discount that does not exist.
Not Adding Accurate Product Information
Make sure you add accurate product information and that you follow Google’s editorial guidelines.
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Relevant Answer

for misrepresentation, google now uses a wide variety of information
and signals from many sources, including off-site information, to help
verify all details, that represent a specific business and products being
sold, in ways that are accurate, realistic, truthful, trustworthy, safe,
and offer some unique value to google's users.
google also now does not want users to feel misled and for merchants
to provide google's users with all the information that is needed to
make well-informed decisions, before ever making a purchase.
below is a list derived from google's rules, policies, and recommendations,
and what businesses have directly experienced when resolving such issues --
(a) first, check all submitted data against all google's policies.
google's requirements, of what must be submitted, depend mainly
on the types of products being sold and shipped, target-country,
and the specific google-program-destinations selected.
each combination of product, program-destination, and
country, has different rules, policies, and requirements.
any inventory product-feed discrepancy, with respect to physical reality,
or any google rule or policy, may trigger a suspension-flag, at any time.
for example, all products must be delivered in a timely manner.
for example, check all physical inventory for a gs1 bar-code --
if a gs1 bar-code is stamped on the product or package, at the
factory, by the manufacturer, then gtin and brand are required --
otherwise, remove brand, gtin, mpn (all three) and submit the
identifier_exists attribute with a no value, for that item.
for example, variants are consider unique separate listings, and must have
an item_group_id, a unique variant-attribute, and unique link landing-page,
each with accurate, separate, inventory availability details.
(b) also, recheck all merchant-center-account settings -- especially the
shipping-settings, return-policy-settings, tax-settings if applicable,
shipping-policy-settings, the business-information-settings including
business-address and verified-business-phone-number, marketing-program
destination-settings, feed-settings, automatic-item-updates-settings, etc. --
verify that all account settings reflect, or match exactly, all the related
details on the website.
- verify the business-phone-number within the merchant-center-account.
- verify the business-email has an @business-domain address,
in addition to any contact-us-form, and verify that any emails
or form-questions, will be answered, in a timely manner.
- if possible, also verify the business-address within google-my-business,
and link the merchant-center-account to the  google-my-business-account.
- alternatively, have a social-media presence with a public track-record of
contact with customers and resolving issues related to potential purchases,
order-fulfillment, payment, delivery, shipping, returns, refunds, etc.
- alternatively, have a customer trouble-ticket-system on the website with
documentation and details, on how customers can ask questions and resolve
specific issues related to potential purchases, order-fulfillment, payment,
delivery, shipping, returns, refunds, etc.
all business-contact details should clearly indicate how a customer can ask
direct questions and resolve specific issues related to potential purchases,
order-fulfillment, payment, delivery, shipping, returns, refunds, etc.
all such business-contact information details, and the historic track-record of
resolving related customer issues, should be able to be verified by customers --

for example, via social-media, a trouble-ticket system, verified phone-number or
a verified business location with people who represent the business are located,
with posted hours when a person is able to respond directly to customers, etc.
also, if paid-ads are being used with the merchant-center, then
the name, address, and country, written on all business documents,
shown on the google-account, payments-profile, payment-method,
ad-account, bank-account details, and on the owned website,
should all match, exactly -- and the merchant/advertiser should
reside in, be currently physically located in, the same country.
(c) also, verify the website's business-address, business-email-address,
business-phone-number, are clearly visible within all website-footers,
and match the related merchant-center-settings, exactly.
on the contact-us page, post the business-hours, when a person
will usually be available, to talk directly to users and customers.
(d) also, verify the business-address matches the website, merchant-center,
and resolves properly on maps with a proper street-view of the location.
(e) also, check the contact-us page's business-address, business-phone-number,
business-email-address, within all the website's footers, against the related
merchant-center-settings, with respect to all business representation details.
(f) also, check the website's policy related details, against all
google's rules and requirements with respect to shipping,
returns, refunds, contact-us details, payment-policies, etc.
related, remove all pop-ups, overlays, or similar, that may be blocking
critical information related to products, checkout-flow, or site policies.
related, remove all product-reviews, customer-reviews, and star-ratings,
that were not from customers buying products directly from the website.
related, do not list on-sale-items, unless each sale meets google's policies.
related, verify all product images submitted conform to all google's rules.
(g) also, check all website navigation and ui/ua/ux, user-experience, details --
especially related to critical product details above-the-fold and checkout-flow.
for example, only one product title, description, image, currency,
accurate inventory availability, price, and buy-button, should be
on the page, and all above-the-fold -- while showing the exact,
identical, details to all users, in all locations, around the world.
stable and consistent content, for all users, on all landing-pages, is required.
for example, be certain to guest-checkout, or similar --
related, be certain that everyone is able to checkout.
for example, be certain there are no residual theme or template content.
for example, remove all pop-ups, banners, overlays, etc., from landing-pages.
for example, all data should be easy to see, for all users, on all devices --
avoid small text, unusual color combinations, photo or gradient backgrounds,
non-solid backgrounds, or text/background colors with similar color-values.
(h) also, verify any structured-data is valid and adheres to all
merchant-center policies -- having valid structured-data does not
necessarily mean that the data meets all google's rules and policies.
for example, a structured-data-sku should match merchant-center feed id's.
for example, inaccurate structured-data effect automatic-item-updates and feed.
(h) also, verify there is only one merchant-center-account, with one feed;
related, verify there is only one website, associated with the merchant --
avoid multiple websites.
avoid products listed on the website and marketplace websites --
if so, be certain there is some unique and added value on the
website being used with the merchant-center.
avoid similar content across multiple websites or marketplaces.
(i) verify the products can be seen by all users, around the world --
for example, use a site:example.com search within google and
verify that most all products are currently indexed in search.
(j) for all products, review the product, offer details, and claims --
descriptions should only describe the exact physical item
being sold and shipped or physical characteristics of the
offer -- avoid any other information such as guarantees,
generic-promotional-text, claims, etc., especially on link
landing-pages or on any pages if the information is related
to the product's effectiveness, or any outcomes related to
using the product.
related, inspect all spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization.
also, all offers, anyplace on the website, must be allowed by google's policies.
generally, be certain all critical changes are fully indexed in search.
(k) list only one country's inventory, at a time.
if the business is registered within a specific country, then
submit only one feed, for only that one country, first --

only after the merchant-center-account, all submitted items,
and the website remain approved, for that one country, and
all listings remain active, for about a month or so, only then,
consider adding another target-country.
start (only) in the one country where the business is actually, physically,
located, is home-base, is officially registered, first -- only after a few
months or a year of success, with a history of serving customers and
good customer-reviews, only then consider expanding to another country.
(j) also, verify all supply-chains -- all products on the site must be stocked.
for example, most handmade, bespoke, made-to-order, offers are not allowed,
at all -- alternatively, only items that are currently in physical stock may be
listed on the website, and the checkout-flow must not allow more than the
current in-stock total to be ordered, and the item must be removed, immediately
from both the website and from the submitted data-feed to google, once ordered.
more generally, a business must be able to demonstrate that they have the
reputation and trust, and both the capacity and qualifications to provide
all their listed products, on their website, to all google's users within
the target-country, or with respect to specific region-ids if applicable,
in a timely manner -- this may be especially problematic when using
any drop-shipping, or similar, supply-chains.
related, be  certain any business-registration details are on the website.
if the issues relate to some external, physical, reality, such as
physical stock inventory details, supply-chains, location details,
multiple businesses, etc., then such suspensions cannot be fixed
simply by changing the account or website.
otherwise, google may be contacted:
select, need-more-information.
importantly perhaps, reviews may sometimes take seven full business-days,
and may include a one-week cool-down period before any review, to allow
time for all potential issues to be fixed on the website, and feed re-upload
with all up-to-date inventory data.
however, some suspension-flags may be permanent,
against a merchant/advertiser, and cannot be fixed --
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Relevant Answer
The primary problem is the lack of a genuine, physical address. 
If you are not in the US, you need to state that.
Also, different phone numbers. 
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To Celebird's statement:

"however, some suspension-flags may be permanent,
against a merchant/advertiser, and cannot be fixed --
and google may not offer any additional information.
google is the final arbiter."

Hello, can you give us an example of the kind of suspension-flag that might be permanent?
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Founder of FeedArmy - Shopping & Merchant Center Specialist
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Based on educated guesses: For example creating multiple websites, or accounts.
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Thank you for your quick reply.  I'm relieved that it's not for just garden variety stuff.
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I cant find anything I dont comply with, yet they still keep my account suspended.
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Founder of FeedArmy - Shopping & Merchant Center Specialist
Relevant Answer
If you are not the original poster (who started this discussion) and the already provided answers did not help you, then please click the link below to create your own, new discussion, so we can assist you individually, without bothering the original poster.  Thanks!
Continuing to ask questions on an existing discussion, will most likely not assist you in getting the best guidance.
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