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To any Google Ads support employee with authority who, on the off chance, is actually WILLING to help:

I have had my Google Ads account for less than a month and, without having done anything dishonest or malicious, my account has been definitively suspended without a fair review.

The only person I can say who has been helpful is an account specialist by the name of John Ryan Esguerra. Anyway, here is my story:

I opened my account for the first time at the beginning of August 2019. Since opening the account, I have had 2 main issues that bring me to where I am today
  1. My account has been compromised/stolen
  2. My account has been suspended without a real review.

When I opened the account, I hired a PPC manager from Freelancer.com. Mistakenly, I granted him admin access. After I caught him testing ads that would eventually be disapproved for dishonest practice, I confronted him about it and I suspect that, at that moment, he changed my access from admin to standard, virtually tying my hands within the account.

After days trying to get him to revert my access back to admin he blocked me on Freelancer.com and any emails I send to him bounce back saying his gmail account is deactivated. So now I am left with an account in which I cannot remove the person who can potentially advertise anything he wishes in the name of my business. I've reported the account as compromised and have heard nothing back.

Secondly, in an attempt to clean up the account, I recreated the campaigns myself. One ad in particular may have violated a trademark that I ended up fixing in quick succession.
CONTEXT: I used the word "target" in my ad text to communicate to potential clients that they can reach their next targets by contracting my company's consulting services.

Since Google says that, due to privacy reasons they cannot tell you why the account is suspended, I am 90% sure that I may have unknowingly infringed upon retailer Target's trademark. In my defense, retail and management consulting are two different businesses. Any person who actually stops to look at the sequence of events can tell that this would not have jeopardized Target in any way and that this was not done with lack of integrity.

After appealing, I received the standard canned message from Elizabeth saying that my account had been suspended and will not be reinstated. I replied to the message asking for a thorough review, and Elizabeth replied a few hours later with the same canned message.

I'm sure Elizabeth is only doing her job, but I've been on the phone multiple times about both issues already to absolutely no avail.

So to the Google Ads Support team and anyone with authority who is reading: If the priority of the team is to make people feel like garbage, to treat paying customers like they are worth nothing and to mentally drain the people who are being genuine and honest in their approach to solving a problem, please know that you have succeeded. YOU WIN!

If, by some miraculous work of God, someone at Google is willing to actually sit down and help, from one human to another, I would like to request a real review of my account and make two simple requests:

  1. Please reinstate my admin access to the account. I am able and willing to provide any necessary documentation to prove that the account belongs to me. I can't be still knowing that someone else who can potentially do malicious things with my billing info as well as info RE my business is the only one with full access and full control on the account.
  2. Please lift the suspension on my account. I am VERY disappointed and displeased with the service (or lack thereof) I have received from the support team. Elizabeth's e-mail said that the case had been reviewed thoroughly. I know for a fact that that is UNTRUE. Any sound person could look at the series of events and know that I'm not the one who should be getting their account suspended, rather they should be checking for real malicious individuals who use the internet to deceive people.

If you've made it this far, thank you for reading. I hope someone will reach out and lend a hand...

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>>"Since Google says that, due to privacy reasons they cannot tell you why the account is suspended, "
Google sends an email with a clear reference to the Policy section in violation. This email is the key to understand the severity of the violation.
I doubt that this is a tradename issue. Typically when the tradename is fixed, the account is reinstated. The details you provide sounds like a severe violation
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Hello I appreciate your response - however your statement is inaccurate. In the message from Elizabeth she states, and I quote: "Our support team will not be able to give you any more specifics on the suspension."

So there is no possibility of me knowing what the violation was. Additionally, when an account is suspended for circumventing systems, I'm sure you know that Google lists out various possibilities, trademarks being one of them. So the advertiser is essentially left in the dark to play the guessing game by themself.

You also said that typically removing the trademark from the text reinstates the account. Clearly, this is not a typical case.

Lastly, you state that the details provided show a severe violation. Which details are you referring to? In case you are referring to the dishonest ads that never went live, I caught him in the act. And those were completely deleted from my account nearly 10 days prior.

The suspension happened within the time frame of me using "target" in my ad text. I appreciate your input, it still doesn't provide any clarity or help regarding the matter.

Best regards,

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It will be totally to do with the Freelancer person. Keep in mind that although it seems to you or me that you have been unfairly treated, you have to see things from Google's point of view. If accounts can be unsuspended because you say "it wasn't me", then that opens up Google Ads to a lot of abuse from bad advertisers.
It won't be trademark. That only gets ads disapproved. Google won't suspend an account because someone used the word "target" in an ad. 
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Hi Robert thanks for your input, however that doesn't seem to provide any further clarity.

Are you telling me that Google will suspend an account 10 days after the fact rather than immediately? If that is the case it would seem that their robots have a major delay. 10 days is quite some time and, if I were really a malicious advertiser, I could do quite a bit of damage in that time. Just look at all of the damage that Fyre Fest caused through false advertising and fraud. MILLIONS of dollars in damage waiting to boil over into a meltdown. Created in a matter of a few months.

Secondly, you suggest that I have to put myself in the shoes of Google. Let's say I have a client who is paying me money for a service, and they are displeased with the way I've handled an issue they've encountered with an automated governance process of mine.

Should the client put themself in my place? Or, as the service provider, should I prioritize the lifetime value of the customer over a vague set of parameters that I've programmed a robot to follow and hide behind a wall of canned responses?

Also - is the fact that my account is currently still stolen something to just overlook at this point?
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Jason King - Thanks for the input. As far as the security concern goes. I've already reported the account as being compromised earlier this week and still haven't heard anything back from Google.

How long should I anticipate waiting to hear back from someone before I start to seriously worry?

I literally have no control of the account and, like I stated earlier, even if the account remains suspended definitively, I would at least like to know that I'm the only authorized user on the account...
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