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my account is suspended Misrepresentation policy Sir, I do not understand the reason that I can fix 0 Recommended Answers 39 Replies 132 Upvotes
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my account is suspended  Misrepresentation policy Sir, I do not understand the reason that I can fix
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Misrepresentation can include missing information, unavailable offers, misleading content, unclear relevance, unacceptable business practices... for more info visit https://support.google.com/adspolicy/answer/6020955?hl=en

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If you feel that your account was suspended in error then you may request the support team to have your account reviewed by filling out this form.

Hope the issue gets sorted at the earliest :)
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Don't file an appeal unless you know what is wrong and have fixed it.
This will be something on your website. Please share your website URL and we can have a look
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I had issues with my billing details and money has been charged after rectifying it yet they didnt reinstate my account.
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I have send 6 mail no responses. can please tell me what to do for that. i have 899$ in my account. 

Your account is suspended - We've detected suspicious payments in your account.
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Our Company account is suspended Misrepresentation policy , I do not understand the reason that I can fix
our websites urls are:
i filed an appeal and they said We’ve confirmed that your account is in violation of our Google Ads policies.   .. I tried to contact them but in south Africa no number.
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After  detected my money from my account GOOGLE  still gave me suspicious payments in my account.

 WHAT CAN I DO NOW.......?
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I have an account  doing the same thing and have no idea why.

I have tested a new MC account and it fails within 24 hours but no help from Google.
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So I have two clients that I work for, they were both under my MCC one client missed a payment and both accounts got suspended since then i have worked with multiple reps and I pushed through multiple appeals I was able to get one of the accounts un suspended after completing everything I was told to do, then they suspended it again... So, I spoke with another rep who recommended I create two new campaigns with separate e-mails and not attached to my MCC I did exactly as asked I even had my client help me put in the billing info. The e-mail is shared with client all information is in there name you would have no idea i'm working on it, well that worked! for about 2 weeks, then they reviewed my account that was no big deal it took 4 days, then ran again for 4 more days, well now its suspended again for suspicious billing information. WHY in the world would you APPROVE my stuff after taking it down for multiple days just to suspend it within the same week. I have reviewed everything and I have had multiple reps look over my account to make sure I am not missing anything. During the day I work at a office  where we do the same kind of work i can run all of these clients with no issue at all through my companies profile even though they all share the same URLS. at this point i'm just lost I have had my account get appealed run for a few days then suspended again over and over and over for almost 2 months now one of my clients is stressing about going under as a company and you best believe my other client isn't happy. I dont know what to do and I need to get this resolved. If anyone can give my any advise or if there is anymore of a escalation that I can take this please let me know, because I am nothing but exhausted with this situation.  I have continued to follow everything asked of me to the point of it getting un-suspended just to have it happen again. While at my office google is calling all of our clients and pitching them to do it on there own. WHY would you want to throw anyone into this mess.
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كيف اشغيل المنتدى
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