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Last edited 8/14/19

Disapproval issue with Google Ads account. 

We have added the brand new website to our new account and as we wanted to start our first campaign. However, our ads have been disapproved due to 'malicious & unwanted software' before they even went live.  

It is worth mentioning that every single online tool, including Google Search console does not indicate any malicious content on our website. In order to get out ads approved, we decided to make changes to our website.

After first contact with the Google Support team, they have provided us with the list of what they call 'malicious' links - couple of .jpg images, textual .css file and favicon.ico. 

We removed all the files the support asked, as well as all the files we had on the server, even not listed ones. Moreover, some of the links to the third party websites was also removed from the website. 

Then, we have requested manual review from the same support team. Their feedback was the same - list of files that were removed weeks ago. 

The support clearly see that the files are not accessible and were removed completely from the website. However, we haven't heard anything but the same: 'contact web master' and 'remove malicious links', as the support members claim they are 'not trained'. 

One of the Google support member was able to confirm that the problem is in their system:
 "Of course, Might be that the file has been removed and the system was picking it up from cache which is not live, I will get back to you as soon as I hear from them"

Is there any other way to get help from Google regarding this concern? 
Any contact or help would be appreciated.

Many thanks, 
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Please remove the personal information like email and etc for your security reasons.
Yes, Google tool relay on the cache and it take time to rectify the issue. Further, most of the time they disapproved the ads because of false positive and not because of actual malicious code. So, please look for the false positive also ad try to remove it.
Please contact Google support and request them to send some specific link so that you can do the investigation.
Most of the time Google send every link a particular page is loading (including images and logo). Either request google again to send some specific link or investigate further on your end. Since google tools detected something means something is there malicious advertising or some script or piece of code causing a false-positive and actually not malicious.
Most of the time malicious links are in the decrypted form inside your website files. You can’t simply search malicious links and found it in any website file or database. Usually, these malicious codes are hidden somewhere in your theme or plugin files and further corrupt core files too. 
This issue might also be a result of using some nulled plugin/theme from unknown source. It is also possible that you are using some outdated plugin/theme and some hacker try to exploit the vulnerability of that plugin/theme. 
Sometimes this infected code can corrupt the main core file and database. These can come again or generate again after sometime, if you not able to delete/clean the code from some files or completely. 
Some Possible Ways to Find the Code: 
1.) Check your all files and database with help of some reputed scanning plugin or tool and identify that some changes had been made close to the date when your ads were disapproved. 
2.) Any changes you, your developer or your hosting company made close to the date of disapproval of ads. (Example - Install, Update, Addition of any code/plugin/file/js/css etc.) 
3.) Check the Google console for any signal and also see if your website is blacklisted for any malware activity. 
4.) If you are using WordPress then there are many good plugins are available try to use 2-4 different plugins because every plugin has a different way to finding the code. 
5.) Take the help of your hosting provider to scan the website for you. Usually they have the better tool in place to check and scan code for you. 
Some Possible Ways to Fix the Website:  
1.) First thing, take a necessary back-up for your files and database before attempting any fix or changing any code. 
2.) Contact the Google Ads support team via phone and request them to email the reference links of malicious code so that you can investigate further. (This will help you, your developer, or hosting company to fix the problem). 
3.) Now, try to restore all your website files and database on 2-3 days prior to your ads got disapproved. This will undo any changes you and anyone else made in the website after the restore date. 
4.) Update all plugins and theme to latest reversion. Make sure that you are not using any theme, plugin, and code with any known vulnerability. 
5.) Ask your developer or web designer to manually scan all website files and database for any encrypted code and fix before asking for another review. 
6.) Try to remove any suspicious base64_decode, eval, referrer, decoded payload etc. 
7.) After making any change and fixing the code, clear the cache on server and any cache on the website to make sure that code is not seen by any scanning tool again. 
8.) After fixing the code wait for 10-12 hours and rescan the website to check if code is not generated again. If you are sure that you cleaned the malicious code completely, then only ask for another review
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Thank you for your reply. 
We have reviewed the website with our developers and removed everything, including all the specific links Google Support provided to us, just left raw html with simple text. 
Is there any specific person who would be able to help me regarding to this issue?
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Contact the support team and explain them everything in detail. Explain each step to you took to clean the website and request them for a manual review. Sometimes they ask you the report by replying the email in which they send you suspicious links.
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Dear Sunil, 
Thanks for your reply. We are contacting Google Support every single day, explaining what has been done. However, even after the manual review they keep sending us same two-three links that does not even exist anymore and has 404 error.  
As mentioned, Search console and other online tools does not indicate any malicious content. 
We have provided them all the screenshots indicating the information mentioned but nothing, apart non-existing links, haven't received from them. 
Is there any way I could solve this issue and get qualified help besides Google Support? 
Last edited 8/12/19
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Yes, i have the sama trouble, about contact google support, because my website is clean now...please google spport help me.. approve the ads.
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Any news? I'm experiencing the same issue. Website has been cleaned and there is no response from the Google Ads team.
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